We remembered May 2023 for the nightly shelling, the heat, and the first strikes deep into the territory of the aggressor country. The last month of spring is not too rich in news, announcements, etc., so it was a bit quieter on Mezha.Media, although the discussion of some news was very heated.

Materials for May 2023 with the most comments
1. The Cabinet of Ministers increased the tariff for electricity for the population from June 1, 2023 [allegedly](466)
2. YouTube is testing video blocking for users who don’t watch ads (412)
3. Has your attitude towards Chinese brands changed? Survey by Mezha.Media (331)
4. Replacing Ryzen 5 1600X with Ryzen 5 5600. +100% upgrade? (264)
5. The era of 100-gigabyte games has arrived, but players are not ready for it (206)
6. New AI controversy: NYT bestselling author criticized for ‘artificial’ cover (182)
7. 12 Diablo-style games if you’re looking for an alternative to Diablo IV (172)
8. Most iPhone users do not change their smartphone for more than 2-3 years — CIRP (172)
9. Google officially presented Pixel 7a (164)
10. The EU has warned Apple about possible restrictions on the functionality of non-certified USB-C cables (164)

And now to news, blogs, reviews and articles. What will we remember in May 2023? The list includes only materials released during May 2023.

News and blogs
1. The era of 100-gigabyte games has arrived, but players are not ready for it
2. Amnesty International used AI-generated images to show Colombian police brutality during protests
3. French scientists seem to have figured out how to properly communicate with cats
4. Google Pixel 7a turned out to be stronger than the more expensive Pixel 7 Pro
5. A photographer was fined nearly $1,000 when he asked to have his photos removed from an AI database
6. The trailer for the movie The Creator was released: humanity will fight with artificial intelligence
7. GeForce GTX 1650 – the most popular video card among Steam users
8. Kyivstar updates the line of tariffs on prepaid LOVE UA terms
9. u no longer need a password to sign in to your Google Account
10. The 23-year-old Snapchat model created Caryn AI, an AI version of herself, and offers it as a “virtual girlfriend”, earning $70,000 a week

Articles and reviews
1. PC of the month (May 2023)
2. 12 Diablo-style games if you’re looking for an alternative to Diablo IV
3. How Mark Zuckerberg broke Meta staff
4. Suzuki Vitara Hybrid test drive: a new injection for a youthful spirit
5. Redfall: the bloodsuckers of our town
6. Interview with integral artist Volodymyr Kharchenko, author of the first Ukrainian game Kommersant (1991)
7. Mazda CX-9 test drive: the car is ready – are the buyers ready?
8. ROG Zephyrus M16 2023 gaming laptop review
9. Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum cleaner review
10. A complete change in appearance and increased battery life: a review of Sennheiser Momentum 4 wireless headphones/a>

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