Usually, cheaper versions of smartphones have more flaws than flagship devices. Except for simpler specifications, they have cheaper materials and are generally more vulnerable to various types of damage. But there are also exceptions and just presented Google Pixel 7a seems to be one of them.

Despite the use of plastic in the exterior of the case, the Pixel 7a still has a stiffer chassis than the Pixel 7 Pro. And it proved itself better in Zach Nelson’s tests on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, where the blogger tests the capabilities of the housings of the most interesting user devices.

The Pixel 7a has since passed a number of Mr. Nelson’s other tests, most of which had fairly predictable results.

So, the protective glass of the Pixel 7a display is Gorilla Glass 3. It can be scratched like in most other smartphones. The situation is the same with a metal frame or plastic behind. Here we can only note the ease with which the power and volume buttons are removed. Although this is unlikely to greatly affect the protection against water and dust, which this smartphone claims to be IP67.

An unpleasant surprise was the fingerprint scanner, which is hidden under the display in the Pixel 7a. Zack failed to register his own fingerprint in two attempts. It is difficult to answer unequivocally what this is caused by. Same as it is hard to imagine that there will be problems with such an already well-known component in modern smartphones from top manufacturers. And although there were occasional software errors at the start, they were corrected quickly. I would like to believe that this is just such a case and not a hardware problem with the optical sensor.

But the endurance test of the case was a much more pleasant surprise. The much more expensive Pixel 7 Pro could be damaged quite badly due to pressure on the back, which could lead to the deformation of the case and probably leave the smartphone without water protection. But the mid-budget Pixel 7a coped much better with such a test.

Mr. Nelson also disassembled the experimental Pixel 7a and showed the internal components of the new gadget, where there were almost no surprises.