Meta shows updated Facebook logo – the most attentive will notice the changes

Meta updates the Facebook logo. The changes are hardly drastic, but they are there. The blue color has become slightly darker, and the letter “f” looks a little different, writes The Verge. The company says that it strives to make the updated design, in particular, more bold. It also emphasizes ... Read more

Facebook and Instagram may introduce paid subscriptions for EU users

Meta may offer users in Europe a paid subscription option on Facebook and Instagram, which will include no ads, writes Engadget with reference to The New York Times. This idea could be a way for the tech giant to avoid conflicts with European regulators over data privacy, as social media ... Read more

Meta allowed Facebook users to delete personal data to avoid training generative AI models on it

Facebook users can now delete certain personal information that can be used to train generative artificial intelligence models, writes CNBC. This week, Meta updated the resources section of the Facebook Help Center and added a form called “Generative AI Data Subject Rights.” In this way, Meta provides individuals with the ... Read more

Meta deleted thousands of questionable accounts that spread negative posts about the United States

Meta identified and deleted 7704 questionable Facebook accounts that were part of a large-scale disinformation campaign of covert influence. This is stated in the report of the tech giant, writes Gizmodo. The accounts tended to post positive comments about China’s policies and negative posts about the United States. The campaign ... Read more

Meta finally launches web version of Threads social network

Meta is finally launching a full-fledged web version of its Threads social network. Users will be able to publish posts here, interact with other posts, and view the feed. This was stated by the company’s spokeswoman Christine Pye, writes The Verge. The interface of the web version is very similar ... Read more

Instagram and Facebook users in the EU will get rid of Meta recommendation algorithms

European users of Instagram and Facebook will be able to access Stories, Reels, and Search without Meta recommendation algorithms. This was stated by Nick Clegg, the company’s president of global affairs, according to The Verge. “For example, on Facebook and Instagram, users will have the option to view Stories and ... Read more

Meta threatens to fire employees if they do not work in the office

Meta is going to introduce a stricter regime for employees to stay in the office. This is stated in an internal memo from the tech giant’s head of human resources Lori Goler to Meta employees, writes SFGATE with a link to Insider. Employees will have to share information about their ... Read more

Threads has lost 82% of its daily active users, and the decline on the platform is still ongoing

Meta’s Threads platform is struggling to retain users about a month after its much-hyped launch. According to recent industry estimates, app engagement has fallen to new lows, writes CNN. According to Sensor Tower, since its launch, the number of daily active users of Threads has fallen 82% to 8 million ... Read more

WhatsApp is adding a faster way to send short videos of up to 60 seconds

WhatsApp adds the ability to quickly send short video messages. The function will operate according to the principle of voice messages, which the service already offers. It is reported by The Verge. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a short video about this feature and showed looping videos sent using it. ... Read more

Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users

The Facebook social network has more than 3 billion monthly active users. This is evidenced by the data of Meta’s quarterly report, reports TechCrunch. The staggering number proves that the platform is far from dead, despite the decline in popularity among young people. The daily number of active Facebook users ... Read more

Overture Maps Foundation: Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and TomTom will help with an alternative to Google and Apple maps

Today’s map applications greatly simplify modern life. They not only help to navigate in an unfamiliar area, but also to find, for example, certain locations and institutions, their work schedules, contacts, reviews, etc. But there aren’t many big players in this arena, and their APIs aren’t free to use. So ... Read more

Meta’s revenue for the quarter exceeded analysts’ forecasts and reached $32 billion

Meta reported Q2 earnings and revenue that beat analysts’ expectations. This is reported by CNBC. The company earned $2.98 per share, compared with Refinitiv’s forecast of $2.91 per share. The company’s revenue reached $32 billion, versus $31.12 billion expected by Refinitiv. In the current quarter, the company expects to receive ... Read more

Mark Zuckerberg believes that Threads can attract1 billion users

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has high hopes for the Threads platform. This was reported by The Verge. During a call with investors, he was asked about his expectations for the long-term success of the new social network. According to Zuckerberg, it’s “weird anomaly in the tech industry that there hasn’t ... Read more

Threads has already added a chronological feed of subscriptions, but not by default

Meta’s own version of Twitter, Threads, launched not too long ago, and it was immediately obvious that the social network needed some improvements. One of the biggest requests was the chronological feed of subscriptions, because in its first version it was purely algorithmic and also showed posts from accounts to ... Read more

Meta owns the X brand since 2019, – USPTO

More and more interesting details are emerging around the rebranding of Twitter to X. One of them is that brand X is owned by Meta. This is evidenced by the data of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to the Bureau, Meta submitted the relevant application on ... Read more

WhatsApp introduced channels, Ukraine was one of the first to get access to the function

WhatsApp Messenger, owned by Meta, launches WhatsApp Channels. This is a one-way messaging tool, reports AIN.UA. Channels can be used by people, organizations and businesses. Admins will be able to send text, videos, photos, stickers or polls. At the same time, they will not be able to add subscribers to ... Read more

Meta, Google and OpenAI pledge to the White House to develop AI responsibly

Seven of the largest AI companies have made a voluntary commitment to the White House to protect users in AI-related matters, writes The Verge. These companies are Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft and OpenAI. Their pledges include investing in cybersecurity, researching discrimination, and creating a labeling system for AI-generated ... Read more

Meta makes its LLaMA 2 AI model free for commercial use

Meta has announced that it is open-sourcing its LLaMA 2 large language model, making it free for commercial and research use. This is reported by The Verge. In doing so, the company is keeping pace with OpenAI’s free GPT-4, which underlies tools such as ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing. The decision ... Read more

User activity is starting to decrease in Threads – SimilarWeb

User activity on Meta’s new Threads platform has declined from initial highs, despite its status as the fastest-growing app. This is evidenced by the data of the analytical company SimilarWeb, writes Engadget. According to its new report, the number of daily active users of Threads decreased from 49 million (July ... Read more

Branded content tools will move from Instagram to Threads

Instagram plans to move its branded content tools to its new Threads platform. This is reported by Axios. Such tools are not yet available on Threads, but Instagram plans to address this issue quickly. This will give marketers an opportunity to start experimenting with paid promotion. For their part, brands ... Read more

Meta is working to ensure that deleting an account in Threads does not erase an Instagram profile

Meta is working to allow users to delete their accounts on the new Threads platform without deleting their Instagram profile. This was announced by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, writes Engadget. According to him, Meta is aware of this situation and is looking for a way to solve it. ... Read more

Twitter threatens to sue Meta over its new Threads platform

Twitter threatens to sue Meta over concerns about its new Threads platform. This is stated in a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro, writes Semafor. In the letter, the lawyer alleges Meta of hiring dozens of former Twitter employees to create Threads. According to Twitter, ... Read more

Threads account cannot be deleted without deleting Instagram profile – Meta condition

The social platform Threads was able to attract 10 million registrations around the world within seven hours of its launch. But it turned out that the Twitter competitor has an unexpected condition of use – deleting the Threads account will lead to the closure of the associated Instagram profile, says ... Read more

Google is preparing to close access to local news in Canada due to a new law

Google has announced that for users in Canada, it will remove Canadian news from its search engine, news aggregator and Discover app, which provides users with a list of news articles and videos. This is reported by The tech giant will also shut down its Google News Showcase program, ... Read more

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads, which will eventually allow the company to compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. This is reported by The Verge. The new ad type is set to launch as a pilot project with several Android app developers later ... Read more