Meta prepares to fight disinformation ahead of EU elections

Meta will set up a team to combat disinformation and misuse of generative AI ahead of the European Parliament elections in June this year, writes Reuters. The company is taking such actions amid concerns about election interference and the spread of misleading content created by artificial intelligence. Generative AI can ... Read more

Meta Quest may get the AirPlay function

In the future, Meta Quest owners may be able to stream content from iPhones and other Apple devices via AirPlay, writes UploadVR. Mark Rabkin, vice president of Meta’s VR division, responded to a post by one of the users in X who wrote that it would be nice if headset ... Read more

Mark Zuckerberg tried Vision Pro and thinks Quest 3 is better

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried out the Vision Pro and concluded that Quest was not only better priced, but that it was better than Apple’s headset overall. “I finally tried Apple’s Vision Pro. Before that, I thought Quest would have a better price for people because the headset is very ... Read more

Google, Meta, and other tech giants join AI security consortium in the US

Google, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and a number of other major tech companies have joined the new AI Security Institute Consortium (AISIC) established in the United States, reports Engadget. In total, more than 200 companies and organizations have joined the initiative, a list of which can be found here. U.S. Secretary ... Read more

Details of how third-party messengers work with WhatsApp have been revealed

WhatsApp Director of Development Dick Brower said that integration of third-party messengers will be optional and shared details on how it will work, writes Android Authority. Users who enable the ability to receive notifications from third-party messengers will see a separate tab where the relevant messages will be collected. According ... Read more

Meta will start labeling photos and videos created with the help of AI

Meta will start tagging photos created by artificial intelligence that will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, writes The Verge. The company decided to tighten the regulation of AI content amid the upcoming US elections and the White House’s requirements to label such photos and videos. Nick Clegg, Meta’s ... Read more

Meta will pay Mark Zuckerberg about $700 million in dividends per year

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms Inc, will receive about $700 million a year in dividend payments, reports Bloomberg. Meta has declared a quarterly dividend of 50 cents per share for its Class A and Class B ordinary shares, effective March. This is the first time in its history that ... Read more

In 2021, Zuckerberg refused to expand Meta’s child safety team, now he was forced to apologize to the affected families

During a Senate hearing on child safety on the Internet, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized to parents who claim Instagram played a role in their children’s suicides or sexual exploitation, reports NBC News. Responding to a direct request from Senator Josh Hawley, Zuckerberg expressed sympathy for the families’ suffering, recognizing ... Read more

Meta presents an updated AI model for Code Llama 70B code generation

Meta has introduced an updated AI model for code generation called Code Llama 70B, which is based on Llama 2. This is stated in the message of the company. “We are releasing Code Llama 70B, the largest and best-performing model in the Code Llama family,” said Meta in a statement. ... Read more

Meta is optimistic about Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Meta’s management, including Mark Zuckerberg, is optimistic about the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, writes 9to5Mac with a link to a paid article by The Wall Street Journal. Meta believes that the launch of Vision Pro will help the company develop its own VR headset business. The company believes ... Read more

Meta restricts the ability to send messages to teenagers on Instagram and Facebook

Meta is introducing more restrictions on Facebook and Instagram to protect teens from unwanted contacts. To do this, the company is introducing stricter settings for private messages. People aged 19 and older will not be able to send messages to teenagers who are not subscribed to them. In addition, users ... Read more

WhatsApp users on Android will lose unlimited storage for message backups

For owners of Android smartphones, saving backup copies of WhatsApp messages will no longer be unlimited, according to WIRED. Changes should be expected this year after adjustments are made to the Google Drive storage policy. Google currently offers 15 GB of free storage for all users, and customers who need ... Read more

Meta users in the EU will be able to unlink their Instagram and Messenger accounts from Facebook

Meta will allow users in the European Union to untether their Instagram and Messenger accounts from Facebook before the Digital Markets Act (DMA) comes into effect in March. This was stated in the company, writes The Verge. The changes will be applied in the European Union, the European Economic Area, ... Read more

Mark Zuckerberg also wants to create an AGI, and soon Meta will have about 350 thousand NVIDIA H100s

Meta has joined the growing list of companies trying to create general artificial intelligence (AGI). For this purpose, the company is reorganizing its AI development teams, reports Engadget. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has recently been paying more and more attention to artificial intelligence. According to him, the announced changes ... Read more

30-day link history is now available on Facebook, the feature is enabled by default

The mobile version of Facebook has a new feature. It is called “Link History” and acts as a repository for all the links that a user has opened within 30 days, writes Gizmodo. This feature is available in the Facebook app on Android and iOS. It is enabled by default, ... Read more

Meta wants to add a fact-checking program to Threads

Meta wants to add an advanced fact-checking program to Threads. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced this in a post on the social network. “Wanted to share that we’re working to extend our fact-checking program on Threads next year. We currently match fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram to Threads, but ... Read more

Facebook Messenger finally allows you to edit messages, but you’ll only have 15 minutes to do so

Facebook Messenger users finally have the ability to edit sent messages. This is reported by The Verge. To make changes, you need to click on the message and select the appropriate option. This option will be available only within 15 minutes after the message is sent. Recently, it was reported ... Read more

End-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger will now work by default

Facebook Messenger will finally get support for end-to-end encryption by default, reports The Verge. Messenger has been able to use E2EE since 2016, but only for a limited number of users. Later, in 2022, the company added the ability to use encryption for everyone in the form of disappearing messages. ... Read more

Meta and IBM establish AI Alliance to share artificial intelligence technologies

Meta and IBM create an initiative called AI Alliance to share artificial intelligence technologies, reports Bloomberg. The Alliance will bring together more than 40 companies and organizations. They will focus on the responsible development of AI, including safety and security tools. The group will also work to increase the number ... Read more

Meta will remove the ability to unfollow Facebook users from Instagram and vice versa

Meta, which in 2020 introduced the ability to send messages to Facebook users from Instagram and vice versa, has been abandoning this feature since mid-December, reports 9to5Google. The official support page on Instagram has details of what exactly will stop working when the new changes come into effect: You will ... Read more

Austria challenges paid subscription without ads on Facebook and Instagram

Meta may face problems due to the recent introduction of paid ad-free subscriptions on Facebook and Instagram for European Union users, reports Reuters. The company announced this service last month. The cost of a subscription is about 9.99 euros per month on the web or 12.99 euros on iOS and ... Read more

Meta was accused of collecting personal data of children without parental consent

Since at least 2019, Meta has deliberately refused to close most accounts of children under the age of 13, collecting their personal data without parental consent, writes CNN. This is stated in a declassified court document that is part of a federal lawsuit against the social media giant. Attorneys general ... Read more

Meta dismisses RAI unit that was looking for problems in AI training approaches

Meta has disbanded its Responsible AI (RAI) division. He was engaged in identifying problems in approaches to AI training. This was reported by The Verge with reference to The Information. Some of RAI’s employees will now move to the generative artificial intelligence division, while others will work on Meta’s AI ... Read more

Facebook and Instagram to get new AI tools for photo editing and video creation

Facebook and Instagram will receive new AI-based tools that will allow users to edit photos and create “high-quality videos” using text descriptions. This was reported by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, according to The Verge. The new features are based on Emu, the company’s basic model for creating images. The ... Read more

Threads finally allows users to delete an account separately from Instagram

Meta launches the ability to delete a Threads profile without having to delete an Instagram account. This was reported by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, according to The Verge. According to him, this feature will be available in the “Delete or deactivate profile” section. The option is not yet available to ... Read more