WhatsApp Director of Development Dick Brower said that integration of third-party messengers will be optional and shared details on how it will work, writes Android Authority.

Users who enable the ability to receive notifications from third-party messengers will see a separate tab where the relevant messages will be collected.

According to Brauer, this approach to implementation is necessary for security reasons. The company cannot promise the same level of protection and privacy as in its app, and this is done primarily for the safety of users.

In order to add WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger integration to their apps, companies will need to sign an agreement with Meta and agree to its terms. They will also need to connect to the company’s servers.

In addition, Meta wants other applications to use the Signal encryption protocol. However, this is not mandatory, so developers will be able to use other protocols as long as they meet security standards.

As a reminder, in September, as a result of the European Commission’s decision to add WhatsApp to the list of “gatekeepers,” the company was forced to open its app to allow receiving messages from other messengers.