Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried out the Vision Pro and concluded that Quest was not only better priced, but that it was better than Apple’s headset overall.

“I finally tried Apple’s Vision Pro. Before that, I thought Quest would have a better price for people because the headset is very good and costs 7 times less. But after I tried [Vision Pro], I don’t think Quest will be better for its price, I think Quest is just a better product,” Mark Zuckerberg said.

In a video recorded on the Quest 3, which he posted on his Instagram page, Meta’s CEO talks about the advantages, starting with the price – $500 versus $3500. He also noted that Quest is 120 g lighter and allows for better movement due to the absence of a wired battery and a wider field of view.

Zuckerberg also believes that input through physical hand controllers and hand tracking is better. However, he also admits that he likes the eye tracking in Apple’s headset.

He also mentioned a wider library of content and said that an open system in the case of a mixed reality headset is a better option than Apple’s closed one. In general, Mark Zuckerberg believes that Quest is currently a better option for most people than Vision Pro.