We have just started, but we have many plans and a lot of inspiration to implement them!

Now at the launch stage you get special terms of partnership with us.

Write to us at [email protected] to order advertising, and we will be happy to help you choose the best format to achieve your goals and objectives.

Feature of the project:

  • extensive experience in the IT industry allows us to share expertise and talk about complex technologies in simple words;
  • we offer quality information to the reader;
  • we write simply, on time, relevant and clear;
  • the first exclusively Ukrainian-language media project in the field of technology and telecom.

Transparency and quality are not just about information.

This is the principle of our partnership.

Typical advertising formats and more:

  • Publication of company news in the news feed of the site on the rights of advertising, including with fixing on the main page.
  • Branding of the main page or section of the site.
  • Banner advertising on the main page of the site.
  • Advertising post on social networks of the project with additional coverage.
  • Subscription to post up to 10 company news in the site’s news feed per month.
  • Individual special projects:
  1. Creation of materials at the request of the client;
  2. Creation of materials at the request of the client, with the preparation of a wide layout and additional photos;
  3. Preparation and publication of an article, which includes the processing and structuring of large amounts of data, preparation of infographics, illustrations, etc.