Meta will set up a team to combat disinformation and misuse of generative AI ahead of the European Parliament elections in June this year, writes Reuters.

The company is taking such actions amid concerns about election interference and the spread of misleading content created by artificial intelligence.

Generative AI can generate text, images, and videos in seconds by following prompts. The rapid development of the technology has raised concerns that it could be used to disrupt elections around the world this year.

“As the election approaches, we’ll activate an Elections Operations Center to identify potential threats and put mitigations in place in real time,” Marco Pancini, Meta’s head of EU affairs.

According to him, the company’s specialists will focus on combating disinformation, influence operations, and countering the risks associated with the misuse of generative AI.

Marco Pancini also added that Meta, which currently cooperates with 26 independent fact-checking organizations in the EU, will add three new partners in Bulgaria, France and Slovakia.

TikTok recently announced a strengthened fight against fake news and covert influence operations ahead of the European Parliament elections. In this regard, a new application called “Election Center” will be created, which will support 27 languages.