Microsoft will allow you to use an Android smartphone as a webcam through the Phone Link program

Microsoft will improve its Phone Link program, which connects Windows and Android devices, by adding the ability to stream images from a smartphone’s camera to a computer, according to Android Authority. This will allow you to use any Android smartphone as a webcam, providing higher image quality when using Microsoft ... Read more

Google Drive web version gets an updated design

Google Drive has an updated homepage that shows all pending access requests, recent comments, and file approvals to help users quickly review recent activity and take action in one place. With the new update, Drive also features suggestions based on machine learning algorithms that suggest folders based on what you’ve ... Read more

Adobe and Figma’s $20 billion deal could hurt innovation – CMA

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is concerned about a potential $20 billion deal between Adobe and Figma, reports Reuters. The regulator believes that the possible acquisition could harm innovation in the software used by the vast majority of British digital designers. The CMA published the preliminary conclusion as ... Read more

New problem with Google Drive causes file loss

A new issue has been found in Google Drive that causes users who use the service’s PC app to lose files, reports 9to5Google. Google is already aware of this bug and said that they are looking for the cause of it. The company also advised not to disconnect your account ... Read more

Ad Speedup is a YouTube extension that speeds up ads so that they don’t have to be blocked

Recently, YouTube started actively fighting ad blockers, requiring them to be disabled. This has caused a mixed reaction among users, with some calling for the abandonment of blockers or subscription to YouTube Premium to support content creators, while others oppose such coercion by the company. The Ad Speedup extension, available ... Read more

Instagram allows downloading Reels directly from the mobile app

Instagram users can now download Reels directly from the app. The feature became available to all users on Wednesday, reports TechCrunch. To download a video, go to the Share menu and find the appropriate download button. If the video uses licensed music, it will be downloaded without sound. In addition, ... Read more

AppFlowy, an open-source alternative to Notion, received $6.4 million for further development

AppFlowy, a startup developing an open-source alternative to Notion, has raised $6.4 million from well-known sponsors, including the founders of YouTube, GitHub, Automattic, and others. This was reported by TechCrunch. The service is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, and gives users the ability to manage projects, take notes, ... Read more

All old Chrome extensions will stop working in 2024, including uBlock Origins

In June 2024, all old extensions based on Manifest V2, including ad blockers, will stop working in Chrome, writes 9to5Google. Among the changes that will come into effect with the release of Manifest V3 will be improved support for content filtering by providing more generous constraints in the declarativeNetRequest API ... Read more

EU officially expresses concern over $20 billion deal between Adobe and Figma

Adobe has received an official antitrust complaint from EU regulators regarding the possible acquisition of Figma for $20 billion, reports The Verge. The European Commission launched an investigation into the deal on August 7. Now, the institution has released a preliminary opinion expressing concern about the merger of the two ... Read more

Apple to give PlayStation 5 owners six months of Apple Music subscription

Sony, in collaboration with Apple, has introduced a new bonus program for PlayStation 5 owners. As Sony wrote in a blog post, the promotion is available only to new Apple Music users or to users who qualify for a refund of their previous subscription. Also, the offer is available only ... Read more

Microsoft will no longer offer Bing to Windows users in Europe

Microsoft will allow Windows users in Europe to disable Bing and uninstall the Edge browser. Such changes in the company’s policy are related to the European Commission’s law on digital markets. According to The Verge, the changes will come into effect in March 2024. In addition, Microsoft will allow you ... Read more

It’s too early to write off Windows 10, the operating system will get support for Copilot AI

Microsoft is still adding new features to Windows 10, announcing the integration of Copilot, an artificial intelligence assistant that was previously exclusive to Windows 11, ArsTechnica reports. The move is aimed at bringing Copilot to a wider audience, as Windows 10 remains the most used version of Windows worldwide. The ... Read more

Google Photos will help you clean up your library

The Google Photos service for iOS and Android has a new feature that will help users clean up their library, writes The Verge. The new feature will help you identify similar photos, screenshots, receipts, and documents in your library and suggest further actions. For example, Photo Stacks will group similar ... Read more

Notion launches a useful AI feature that is a mix of a search engine and a chatbot

Notion is launching an artificial intelligence feature called Q&A. It will cost $8-10 per month for one user, writes The Verge. Notion CEO Ivan Zhao describes it as an omniscient executive assistant with artificial intelligence that knows everything about everything and can find the answer in a second or two. ... Read more

Intel has fixed an issue that was causing very strange processor behavior

On Tuesday, Intel released a microcode update that fixed a bug in CPUs that attackers could exploit against cloud hosts, reports ArsTechnica. This bug, designated CVE-2023-23583, affected almost all modern Intel processors. According to one of Google’s security researchers, Tavis Ormandy, the bug caused processors to “enter a state of ... Read more

Use paper maps. Rescuers rescued tourists who were using Google Maps to follow a route that didn’t exist in reality

The British Columbia Search and Rescue Service has advised hikers to use paper maps and a compass instead of electronic maps after rescuing two hikers using a helicopter who were walking on a trail that was shown on Google Maps but did not exist in reality, writes The Sydney Morning ... Read more

Chrome has started to get a new look in the style of Material You

The desktop version of the Chrome browser has started receiving interface updates based on a design language called Material You. Google announced such intentions back in September. [gallery ids=”162568,162570,162572,162574″] The update offers several visual changes, such as, as expected, more rounded corners and updated icons with a focus on readability. ... Read more

Google will start deleting inactive accounts on December 1

If you have a personal Google account that you haven’t used for more than 2 years, now is the time to remember it, because according to PC Gamer, starting December 1, the company will start deleting such profiles. The company announced this decision even earlier, but only now it has ... Read more

Google tightens rules for developers publishing their apps on Google Play

Google continues to tighten rules and requirements for developers who publish their apps on Google Play. From now on, developers will need to test their apps for 2 weeks with at least 20 users. The day before, developers also tested their apps, but it was more optional, and from now ... Read more

Microsoft Excel 4.0 in an advertisement from 1992

Once upon a time, software features that today seem quite commonplace and should be the default were a great innovation. For example, the features of Microsoft Excel 4.0, which can be seen in this 1992 advertisement. Excel 4.0 was part of Microsoft Office 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0 and worked with ... Read more

Unity reports $544 million in quarterly revenue and warns of possible layoffs

Unity Software increased its revenue by 69% to $544.2 million in the third quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. This is stated in a letter to the company’s shareholders. “Our results in the third quarter were mixed. While revenue came in within guidance, we believe we ... Read more

Atlassian finds critical vulnerability in Confluence

Atlassian found a critical security vulnerability, CVE-2023-22518, in the Confluence enterprise web wiki that could lead to “significant data loss.” However, a recently updated advisory acknowledged that the vulnerability is much more serious and that attackers can completely reset Confluence and create accounts with administrator privileges. According to The Register, ... Read more

Signal adds username creation feature

Signal is introducing a new feature for users that allows them to create custom names for themselves so that they don’t have to share their number with others, writes The Verge. The feature is currently under testing, and the developers warn that users may experience various problems with it. Jim ... Read more

GIMP has received a new update, and version 3.0 is just around the corner

The graphical editor GIMP has received a new update 2.10.36, which, according to the developers, may be one of the last before the release of a new major version 3.0. 2.10.36 added support for palettes from Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) and Adobe Color Book (ACB), as well as for non-square ... Read more

Google launches a new feature to simplify online shopping

Google has launched a new feature in its search engine that can help you find gifts and shopping items faster and easier. By writing “shop deals”, users will see promotions and discounts in the best categories for holiday gifts, such as clothing, electronics, toys, cosmetics, etc. You will also be ... Read more