The French company nPerf, which provides comprehensive solutions for network testing and analysis, has introduced a new program for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

Whether you use fiber, cable, or ADSL, the company’s new tool allows you to evaluate the quality of your home Internet connection by testing speeds of up to 10 Gbps with streaming and browsing tests. This feature makes the new app unique on the market.

The French company nPerf has released a program for network testing on PCs

Using the nPerf program, users can get a complete analysis of their Internet connection, including speed, latency, viewing, and streaming video quality directly from their computer.

Compared to its competitors, nPerf has the ability to provide detailed information about internet performance over time. With a complete history of test results, each of which is precisely defined on a geographic map, users can gain a deeper understanding of connection consistency and reliability.

In addition, the nPerf program can measure speeds of up to 10 Gbps and even more, without being limited to an Internet browser. Users can take advantage of all the benefits directly on their computer and measure the performance of their Internet connection more accurately.

The French company nPerf has released a program for network testing on PCs

With the help of the streaming testing function using the Chromium engine, which was developed by Google and is used in many browsers, including Chrome and Edge, the program can also evaluate the download and streaming capabilities of the connection with maximum accuracy.

In addition, the integration of the VLC engine provides a comprehensive analysis of YouTube video downloads, providing insight into the performance of the Internet connection while streaming media.

You can download the application for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers from the company’s official website.