Microsoft is launching a new, simplified method for installing apps from the Microsoft Store from your browser. The only problem is that it doesn’t simplify the process too much and makes almost no changes.

Previously, when installing an app from the browser, users had to first click the install button in the browser, confirm the transition to the Microsoft Store, and then click the install button again in the store app itself.

Microsoft Store gets a new way to install apps from the web version

The updated installation is not much different. Users still have to click the “Install” button in the web version of the store, after which a lightweight installer is downloaded, which they need to run and which also redirects to the app’s page in the Microsoft Store.

The only change is that now, instead of confirming the transition from the browser to the store, users download the installer, and it’s still the same three clicks.

However, if you have already authorized your browser to launch the Microsoft Store the day before and made it the default choice, the previous method will be even faster and will require only two clicks without the need to download additional installers.

Microsoft Store gets a new way to install apps from the web version

Nevertheless, Rudy Hyun, one of the developers of the Store, said that the introduction of the new method of installing apps from the Store showed an average increase in the number of installs by 12% and an increase in the number of apps launched after installation by 54%.

It’s also worth noting that not all applications support the new method yet, and, for example, Discord is still installed the old way, but Rudy said the company will continue to develop this method for more products.