Google’s Gemini will be one step closer to becoming a full-fledged assistant. It will have a feature that will allow users to manage music streaming services, PiunikaWeb reports.

Gemini works in various Google products sometimes instead of and sometimes in tandem with Google Assistant.

It is still somewhat limited compared to the Assistant and is not at the point where it can completely replace the main Google product. One of these limitations is that Gemini cannot connect a streaming service of the user’s choice to play a song or other audio recording.

The researchers found that a new Music option has been added to Gemini’s settings with the ability to select preferred services to play music under it. Presumably, this will allow users to choose from all streaming services that Google considers compatible.

After selecting a streaming service, Gemini will work with it and allow you to control it using voice commands. PiunikaWeb speculates that users will be able to use Gemini to identify songs, possibly allowing Gemini to listen to a song and then interact with the streaming app to try to find a song playing in their environment, much like Shazam.

Although there is no official information about the exact launch date, we can assume that this feature will appear in one of the upcoming updates. It is worth noting that the screenshots show only music streaming services.

It remains to be seen whether Gemini will extend this feature to other media formats, such as audiobooks or podcasts, for which Google has recently closed a separate service.