Google has added Gemini artificial intelligence to the Android Studio development environment to help developers write code, find relevant resources, learn best practices, and save time.

To use artificial intelligence in Android Studio, you need to download the latest version of the development environment. Next, select Gemini in the tools window and sign in to your Google account, after which a chatbot will appear and you can start working with it.

Developers will be able to ask a variety of questions, from very simple and open-ended ones to specific problems that require assistance.

Google also asks you to be specific when writing questions and use phrases like “How do I add camera support to my app with CameraX?” rather than “How do I add camera support to my app?”.

In addition to the usual questions, Gemini in Android Studio will also be able to add the generated code in one click, offer to open the corresponding documentation page with additional information, explain errors and suggest solutions, and answer questions directly on the code.

However, the company immediately warns that Gemini integration is still in the early stages, so the AI may provide false or completely incorrect information. Also, AI can make mistakes in writing code and other workflows, so developers need to check the results produced by artificial intelligence.