The Ukrainian team of GlobalLogic engineers has created a video game demo in which all non-game characters are played by generative artificial intelligence. It is reported by the company’s press service.

The team used voice generation technology from Replica Studios and Google Gemini Pro. Artificial intelligence is responsible for the behavior of all NPCs in the game and their lines during dialogues.

After that, GlobalLogic engineers created a demo version on the Unreal Engine. Vertex AI, a Google framework for machine learning, was used in the development process.

Engineers claim that this achievement will greatly simplify game development. The developer does not need to try to guess all possible events in the game to prescribe the appropriate reaction or remark to the character.

Instead, the developer builds the character’s “personality” with the help of promos, which is beneficial for the game’s consistency, but hardly helps to put an idea into the game’s plot.

The trailer also shows that such NPCs will interact not only with the player but also with each other, which can potentially lead to many interesting situations.

“It took us only a month from the idea to the full-fledged demo,” says Dmitry Vatolin, Junior Vice President of Engineering at GlobalLogic Ukraine, “GenAI significantly speeds up game development and gives a completely new immersive experience to users.”