A year ago, in April 2022, 25 of the 25 most popular news on Mezha were devoted to the supply of military equipment, new types of weapons, and the impact of hostilities in Ukraine on the situation in the world. Now, of the Top 25 news of April 2023, only three can be tentatively attributed to those related to the war. The war receded into the background, became a common phenomenon, and most Ukrainians returned to the same habits as two, three, or five years ago. There are no free seats in cafes and restaurants, parks are buzzing with vacationers on weekends, and people are planning big purchases and vacations.

This is normal. It’s life. This is what happens in any protracted war. But one should not forget at what price this normality is obtained. Do not forget to thank our military, who give their lives every day so that the majority of Ukrainians do not experience war. Do not forget to help the front and volunteers with money and/or your time. The war is not over yet, and although its outcome is already known, victory is still a long way off.

Nevertheless, let’s move on to the statistics of Mezha for April 2023.

We have repeatedly said that the majority of visits to our site, as in fact to almost any site, come from mobile platforms – Android and iOS. And what about other OS?

Top 5 operating systems of Mezha.Media site visitors in April 2023
1. Android – 58.08%
2. Windows – 23.63%
3. iOS – 10.75%
4. macOS – 6.16%
5. Linux – 1.00%

So, as you can see, the vast majority of Mezha users use Android smartphones, desktop OS account for only 30.79% of visits, and OS outside the Top 5 only account for 0.38%.

Even more interesting are the statistics on the brands of smartphones used by Mezha readers. And it seems that these statistics will be a cold shower for those who demand total canceling of everything Chinese.

Top 10 smartphone brands of Mezha.Media visitors in April 2023
1. Xiaomi – 27.67%
2. Samsung – 21.30%
3. Apple – 15.15%
4. Wiko – 11.54%
5. Google – 3.78%
6. Huawei – 3.02%
7. OnePlus – 2.64%
8. Motorola – 2.17%
9. Realme – 1.73%
10. OPPO – 1.54%

And now to the news. Xiaomi was included in the list of international sponsors of the war, chromebooks are becoming garbage, Steam Deck is finally official in Ukraine, Google is shocked. What else did we remember in April 2023? The list includes only materials released during April 2023.

News and blogs
1. “Allo” about adding Xiaomi to the list of international sponsors of the war: “we will act in accordance with the laws of Ukraine”
2. Hacker Gary Bowser, who hacked Nintendo consoles, was released from prison, but he will be paying a fine of $14.5 million for the rest of his life
3. Chromebooks are turning into trash, and that’s becoming a problem
4. Steam Deck in Ukraine, officially
5. Google shocked by Samsung’s plans to switch to Bing, now the company is in a hurry to create a search engine with artificial intelligence
6. Volkswagen ID.7 is officially presented: range – 700 km, power – 286 hp.
7. Bitcoin cryptocurrency whitepaper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto, found in the macOS operating system
8. The localization of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened translation caused the indignation of some players
9. Rockstar Games will announce GTA 6 in May this year
10. Reddit has become a repository of a huge amount of content, now the service is going to charge companies that train chatbots on its data

Articles and reviews
1. Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 review: youth smartphones for everyone (English version)
2. Not only S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: 10 more games about Chornobyl
3. PC of the month (April 2023)
4. Luxembourg, Luxembourg film review
5. The first interview with Serhii Hryhorovych (1998): about WarCraft 2000: Nuclear Epidemic and other game projects of GSC Game World
6. What to watch in April: 5 movies and series worth paying attention to
7. Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 review: youth smartphones for everyone
8. Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023–2025. Patch 1.2 (+ 19 games)
9. Terraformers: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars
10. Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian games 2024-2025. Part II (+ 25 games)

Such was April 2023 on Mezha. We would like to remind you that you can support the work of the Mezha.Media team by making a one-time donation or monthly subscription via Liqpay, Privat24, Patreon, PayPal or cryptocurrency wallets.

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