PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Slim will go on sale in Europe on November 29, 2023

Sony has opened pre-orders for the updated PlayStation 5 Slim in Europe. You can order the console from the PlayStation Direct online store or from third-party retailers. The public sale will start on November 29, 2023. Prices for the PlayStation 5 Slim vary by country and configuration. The version with ... Read more

Apple to give PlayStation 5 owners six months of Apple Music subscription

Sony, in collaboration with Apple, has introduced a new bonus program for PlayStation 5 owners. As Sony wrote in a blog post, the promotion is available only to new Apple Music users or to users who qualify for a refund of their previous subscription. Also, the offer is available only ... Read more

Sony managed to sell almost 47 million PlayStation 5 consoles in three years

Sony sold 4.9 million PlayStation 5 consoles in the second quarter of this fiscal year, reports Engadget. In total, PS5 console sales have reached 46.6 million units since the model’s launch in November 2020. Sony expects to sell 25 million PS5 consoles this fiscal year. This means that in the ... Read more

Sony has announced that integration with X will disappear on PlayStation starting November 13

Sony is preparing to stop integration with the X platform for PS5 and PS4. This means that players will soon not be able to post screenshots and videos from these consoles on social media, reports The Verge. “As of November 13, 2023, integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) will ... Read more

The first photos of the PlayStation 5 Slim have appeared

On the eve of the official release of the PlayStation 5 Slim, one user from X (ex-Twitter) was able to access the console earlier and shared photos comparing it to the regular PS5, reports The Verge. Since then, the user BrΔndon has already deleted the post with the photo, but ... Read more

Blu-ray drive on the new PlayStation 5 will require the Internet for the first connection

Sony recently unveiled an updated PlayStation 5 with an optional Blu-ray drive. As it turned out, in order for the disk drive to work, users will definitely need an Internet connection, reports VGS. This applies not only to the version with the optional disk drive, but even to the version ... Read more

2.5 million copies of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sold in 24 hours

The official PlayStation account reported on the first sales results of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5. The game sold 2.5 million copies in 24 hours. Great news, Spidey fans — Marvel’s #SpiderMan2PS5 has sold more than 2.5 million copies in the first 24 hours. Thanks for making this a ... Read more

Cloud game streaming for PlayStation 5 launched in Japan

Sony has launched cloud game streaming on PlayStation 5 in Japan and at the same time answered some questions and shared technical requirements. Subscribers with the PS Plus Premium plan will be able to stream any games from their library, but only on PlayStation 5 for now. It will also ... Read more

Sony has updated the PlayStation 5 – previous models will be replaced by a version with a Blu-ray drive

As the Christmas season approaches, Sony is preparing to launch sales of its updated PlayStation 5 game console. It has a new, more compact design and now essentially has one version of the case, which is designed for horizontal installation, as a separate stand for $29.99 will be required for ... Read more

Sony launches Sony Pictures Core app for PlayStation 4/5, which allows you to buy movies

Sony has launched the Sony Pictures Core app for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which will give gamers access to the company’s movie library, reports Engadget. In this app, users will be able to buy or rent movies. According to the company, the library will contain up to 2000 films ... Read more

Red Dead Redemption gets 60 FPS support on PlayStation 5

Rockstar Games has released patch 1.0.3 for Red Dead Redemption, which adds support for 60 FPS on PlayStation 5. The high frame rate is only available for Sony’s latest console, and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch owners will have to continue playing at 30 FPS. In addition, ... Read more

Sony has removed all references to the PS5 remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Two years ago, in September 2021, during the PlayStation Showcase event, Sony announced a remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, which was to be released exclusively on PlayStation 5. It made quite a splash back then (we even mentioned it in an article about video games in ... Read more

PlayStation Portal will start selling on November 15

Sony has officially announced that the PlayStation Portal, a portable device designed exclusively for streaming PS5 games, will be available for pre-order today and is scheduled to launch on November 15. The device costs $199 and is intended to serve as a “portable gateway to your PS5 games.” The PlayStation ... Read more

PlayStation Portal from Sony – a portable device for $199 for remote play on PS5

Sony has officially announced PlayStation Portal, a portable device designed to stream games from the PS5 console via Wi-Fi. It will cost $199 and is scheduled for release later this year, The Verge reports. The device, which looks like a compact game console, features an 8-inch 1080p LCD screen operating ... Read more

Sony expects strong fiscal year earnings thanks to strong PlayStation results

Sony’s revenue for the first quarter of this fiscal year increased 33% year over year to 3 trillion yen ($20.7 billion). However, the company’s operating profit fell 31% to 253 billion yen, writes CNBC. Sony said its operating profit suffered from a significant drop in profits from its financial services ... Read more

PlayStation 5 firmware beta adds support for Dolby Atmos in games and other functionality

Sony made available a new beta version of the PlayStation 5 firmware for selected users in the USA, Canada, Japan, France and the UK – 8.00 Beta. It adds the ability to encode multi-channel audio in Tempest 3D AudioTech-enabled games to Dolby Atmos (in addition to Dolby Digital, DTS and ... Read more

PlayStation 5 sales exceed 40 million — supply issues finally resolved

Sony officially announced that sales of the PlayStation 5 console exceeded 40 million units as of July 16 — 32 months after its launch on November 5, 2020. Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan bragged on the company’s official blog. According to him, Sony managed to overcome the ... Read more

Sony presented a new version of the PlayStation 5 in the style of Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated Sony PlayStation 5 exclusives, which is scheduled for release on October 20 this year. The company presented a new trailer for the game during San Diego Comic-Con. At most, Sony presented a special limited edition PlayStation 5 in the style of ... Read more

Sony and Microsoft have agreed on the future of Call of Duty

Sony has agreed to a 10-year Call of Duty deal with Microsoft to keep the franchise on PlayStation following Activision Blizzard’s proposed acquisition, according to The Verge. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has announced that Sony and Microsoft have agreed to a deal that will keep Call of Duty on ... Read more

Microsoft expects to release the PS5 Slim console this year, according to company documents filed with the FTC

Microsoft expects Sony to release a slim version of the PlayStation 5 Slim (PS5 Slim) later this year at a price of $399.99, reports The Verge. This information was revealed in documents filed by Microsoft as part of a case in which the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is trying ... Read more

Sony has tripled sales of PlayStation 5 consoles in a year

Sony shipped 6.3 million PlayStation 5 consoles in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022, which ended in March. A year earlier, the figure was 2 million units. It is reported by The Verge with reference to the manufacturer’s data. In total, the Japanese giant shipped 19.1 million PS5s in ... Read more

Sony is developing a Q Lite portable console that will stream PlayStation 5 games

According to Insider Gaming, Sony is developing a new handheld gaming device codenamed Q Lite, which will require a PlayStation 5. You’d expect Sony’s new portable game console to rely on cloud gaming, but instead the Q Lite uses Remote Play to connect to the PlayStation 5. The Q Lite ... Read more

Sony becomes AMD’s biggest customer amid surging PlayStation 5 sales

As reported by Tom’s Hardware with a reference to semiconductor analyst Sravan Kundojjala, last year Sony became AMD’s largest customer: in 2022 it sold $3.776 billion worth of chips to Sony, accounting for 16% of the company’s revenue for the year, according to its declaration to the US Securities and ... Read more

Sony has already sold more than 32 million PS5 consoles, over 7 million in the last quarter alone

Sony’s gaming business reported success, as 7.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles were sold in the last quarter. In general – 32.1 million for all time. The good performance between October and December is no surprise – it’s the holiday season and the PS5 is a very popular gift. But the ... Read more

Sony will close the collection of PS Plus Collection free games for PlayStation 5

In a post on the official blog simultaneously with the announcement of the regular giveaway of games on PS Plus in February, Sony also announced a less pleasant thing – namely the end of the promotion called PS Plus Collection. For those not aware, it’s a selection of two dozen ... Read more