Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilstedt said on the social network X that Helldivers 2 servers can now accommodate up to 800,000 players, but there may still be “light” queues to enter the game during peak hours.

Helldivers 2 experienced significant server issues after its explosive launch on PlayStation 5 and PC. Pilestedt even advised not to buy the game until the problems are resolved. But the developer seems to be coping with the problems.

Pilestedt writes that Arrowhead is now ready to start thinking about improving the game in other ways that are not related to server issues. Arrowhead has not yet announced the content roadmap for Helldivers 2, but the studio director promises a lot of interesting things.

As a reminder, Helldivers 2 developers believe that games should earn the right to monetize, and they do not plan to add a PvP mode to Helldivers 2 due to its excessive toxicity.