A new game in the Astro Bot series may appear this year. VGC writes about this with reference to insider Jeff Grubb.

Sony recently announced that until March 2025, it will not release games based on major franchises.

“We already know Rise of the Ronin is coming, we know that Concord, one of the live service games, is scheduled to come out this year. That’s the stuff that’s scheduled for sure… I’ve heard maybe Astro does happen this year,” the insider said.

He also said that Sony may focus on other franchises during the year that the company simply doesn’t see as big as God of War or Marvel’s Spider Man.

Team Asobi, the studio responsible for creating games in the Astro Bot series, published a job posting for a new 3D game back in 2022. Later, the studio also revealed that their next game will also be their biggest.

The Astro Bot series has four games, the first of which was released in 2013 under the name The Playroom. It was a casual game with a set of mini-games. In 2018, a sequel was released exclusively for PlayStation VR, and the latest ASTRO’s Playroom game was released in 2020 and was pre-installed on all PlayStation 5 consoles and served as a demo for DualSense.