On the eve of the official release of the PlayStation 5 Slim, one user from X (ex-Twitter) was able to access the console earlier and shared photos comparing it to the regular PS5, reports The Verge.

Since then, the user BrΔndon has already deleted the post with the photo, but The Verge took a screenshot.

The first photos of the PlayStation 5 Slim have appeared

One of the photos shared by the user confirmed previous reports that the optional Blu-ray drive would require an internet connection for the first time.

On the other hand, the photos show that the Slim version will be narrower and lower than the large console, but will have the same set of ports: HDMI, two USB, a power connector, and Ethernet.

Sony plans to release the PS5 Slim sometime in November, but there is no official launch date yet. The console with an optional disk drive will cost $449, and with a built-in one – $499.