Recently, news began to appear that Rise of the Ronin would not be released in South Korea due to a comment made by one of the developers, but Sony denies this fact. Instead, the company claims that the game was never planned for release in the country.

IGN reports that Sony has confirmed to them that the game will not be released in South Korea in any form. Neither digital nor physical versions of the game will be officially available in the country.

“Rise of the Ronin for PlayStation 5 was never officially announced for release in Korea. We can confirm that the title is not going to be sold or published in South Korea in any form, physical or digital,” said a Sony representative.

Despite this, the Korean localization of the game was mentioned in PlayStation Store stores in some countries, such as Indonesia. In addition, the project was also mentioned on the PlayStation Blog of South Korea, but the page has since been deleted.

The game’s director Fumuhiko Yasuda spoke positively about the historical figure Shoin Yoshida, who in the XIX century expressed the idea of Japan’s development through the conquest of other countries, including South Korea. Earlier it was reported that this was the reason for the cancellation of the Rise of the Ronin release in Korea.

As a reminder, Rise of the Ronin will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 on March 22, 2024. The game tells the story of an unnamed ronin at a time when Japan is weakening its isolation and beginning to transform from a militaristic Tokugawa shogunate government to a modernized empire.

Recently, the developers also showed the game’s gameplay.