Sony recently unveiled an updated PlayStation 5 with an optional Blu-ray drive. As it turned out, in order for the disk drive to work, users will definitely need an Internet connection, reports VGS.

This applies not only to the version with the optional disk drive, but even to the version with the included Blu-ray drive, so buyers will need an Internet connection to get it working in any case. However, this is only required for the first connection, and then everything will work without the Internet.

The information came after X (ex-Twitter) user CharlieIntel shared photos of a PlayStation 5 gang from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Blu-ray drive on the new PlayStation 5 will require the Internet for the first connection

Most likely, the requirement to have an Internet connection is related to security measures and to prevent piracy and illegal repairs.

Some users have expressed their concern that Sony may disable the server responsible for such connections on the device in the future, and it is unknown how this will affect the console itself.