For several months now, rumors have been circulating that XBOX plans to release its exclusives on competitors’ platforms – PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Previously, it was about Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves, but now there are reports about the potential release of Starfield on PlayStation.

According to XboxEra, citing anonymous sources, Bethesda plans to release Starfield on a competing platform after the release of the Shattered Space expansion pack. It is also reported that Microsoft has invested more in PlayStation 5 developer kits.

In addition, The Verge also reports that the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will also be a temporary exclusive and will be available on competing platforms soon after the release.

It is reported that the company’s management is still discussing the exclusivity of the projects and the feasibility of releasing them on other platforms. The final decision has not yet been made, but many messages from fans dissatisfied with these changes have already begun to appear on the networks.

Microsoft is now expected to announce Hi-Fi Rush for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 later this month, with a release sometime in the first quarter of the year.