Foldable smartphones

Samsung may release a cheaper version of Galaxy Fold this year

Samsung plans to release a more affordable version of its foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone to have more opportunities to compete in the Chinese market. This was reported by the Korean edition of The Elec. Samsung currently ranks third in China in terms of foldable smartphone sales. Honor and Huawei offer ... Read more

In 2023, foldable smartphones reached sales of 16 million units

Major smartphone manufacturers, with the exception of Apple, are increasingly investing in foldable smartphones, but these models still barely exceed 1% of all smartphone sales almost five years after their launch, reports the Financial Times. Counterpoint Research estimates that only about 16 million foldable devices have been sold this year, ... Read more

Galaxy Flip5 Retro honors the memory of the legendary Samsung SGH-E700

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Flip5 Retro, a limited edition foldable smartphone designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary SGH-E700 phone released in 2003. The SGH-E700 was an important product for Samsung, as it was the company’s first phone with a built-in antenna, and it played an important ... Read more

Samsung’s folding smartphone sales plans for 2024 are an ambitious 20 million devices

The foldable smartphone market is becoming increasingly saturated with options from different manufacturers. Samsung is the leader and has been in this niche for what seems like the longest time. However, this year alone, the number of competitors has increased significantly. However, this does not affect the company’s plans, so ... Read more

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra review: image flagship

In recent months, we’ve reviewed all the latest smartphones of the Motorola Edge series and finally got a chance to test the Razr 40 Ultra, the company’s image-conscious “flagship” with a folding screen. This is not the first generation of such Motorola devices and, given the predicted growth in the ... Read more

Samsung Try Galaxy now allows you to simulate the operation of an open Galaxy Fold with two iPhones

Some time ago, Samsung launched a special Try Galaxy page, where iPhone users can see exactly what OneUI looks like and get a glimpse into the “Android world” through Samsung’s eyes. It may not be the best, but it is still a demonstration of a competitive product to potential buyers. ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Flip5 review: the new Flex Window display is a really big update

Samsung is a leader in the foldable smartphone segment. By small steps, the manufacturer continues to improve two models in parallel. “The Galaxy Fold has won over users seeking maximum performance, and the Galaxy Flip is one of the most interesting image smartphones. Recently, both models have been updated, and ... Read more

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 folding smartphone will be presented on August 14

Xiaomi has officially announced the date of the presentation of its new folding smartphone Mix Fold 3. The event will start on August 14 at 14:00 Kyiv time. [gallery ids=”139562,139558,139560,139566,139550,139554,139556″] Meanwhile, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun posted several images of the new product on social media, noting that the smartphone will ... Read more

Polish YouTuber compares the durability of Samsung Galaxy Flip5 and Motorola Razr 40 Plus

The design of foldable smartphones opens new horizons for fans of destructive gadget testing. Such smartphones with flexible screens have much more complex elements (the display itself, the hinge, etc.) than conventional models, which creates additional potential problems for buyers. And these are the cases that can be clearly demonstrated ... Read more

First look at Galaxy Fold5 and Galaxy Flip5

Traditionally, at the end of summer, Samsung company presented the folding flagship smartphones Galaxy Fold5 and Galaxy Flip5. The novelties offer an evolutionary update that should emphasize the maturation of this category of devices. I managed to attend the presentation of smartphones in Kyiv, so I will tell you more ... Read more

Another crash test showed what the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra can (and cannot) withstand

The very appearance of Motorola Razr 40 Ultra has already set a new bar for competitive “flips”. But the vulnerabilities of the cases and internal displays of foldable smartphones remain almost the biggest problems of such devices. Despite the fact that such gadgets are no longer new, such problems remain. ... Read more

It’s official: Samsung will “unbox” the new foldable smartphones at the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26

Fans waiting for new gadgets from Samsung can finally officially mark the date and time of the next Galaxy Unpacked presentation in the calendar – July 26 at 14:00 (Kyiv time). The video invitation for the broadcast of the event, which is to be held in Seoul, depicts quite clearly ... Read more

The Google Pixel Fold can be opened inside out quite easily, but not because of the weak hinge

The designs of folding smartphones are not leaders in strength, but they are still beginning to make some progress. This even applies to water and dust resistance. Moreover, over time, the Samsung Galaxy Fold reached the point where it became more and more difficult to damage the case, which adds ... Read more

The first Google Pixel Fold did not avoid various problems with the internal screen

The release of really new devices for various manufacturers is a rather stressful period. This is especially true for gadgets that have non-standard and relatively fragile technologies, such as flexible displays. Google only recently “jumped on this train” with the release of its first folding smartphone Pixel Fold, and it ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Fold5 image leak shows gapless hinge

An image of Samsung Galaxy Fold5 has appeared, where you can see a new hinge without gaps and a new blue color of the case. An image that appears to be a press render was published by MySmartPrice. In the picture, Galaxy Fold5 is partially opened, and the Unfold your ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Flip5 will receive several adapted applications for the external display

For a long time, foldable smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy Flip format had rather limited capabilities of external displays. These screens have only recently begun to increase significantly, and currently the “older” model Motorola Razr 40 Ultra already reveals their potential much better. But Samsung is also working on its ... Read more

Motorola has officially introduced the Razr 40 Ultra foldable smartphones and the simpler Razr 40 version

For some time, insiders have been publishing interesting details about foldable smartphones from Motorola, which are finally officially presented. The rumors were confirmed, and the company did release two versions of the device, which now form a separate line and not an independent gadget. The flagship model was named Motorola ... Read more

Galaxy Fold5 and Flip5 will be presented on July 26

Rumors have been circulating on the Internet for quite some time that Samsung may introduce new versions of its foldable smartphones this year a little earlier than usual. We are already used to the company holding the presentation of Fold and Flip at the end of August, and this year ... Read more

“Tensor G2, Android innovation and AI”: the foldable smartphone Google Pixel Fold is presented

Without any surprises, the presentation of Google I/O 2023 ended with the demonstration of the first foldable smartphone from the search giant — Google Pixel Fold. Insiders have already told a lot about it, so those who were interested in thematic news were unlikely to be surprised by the official ... Read more

Google showed an ad for the Pixel Fold from the NBA playoff finals promo

As you know, the Google company is not very good at keeping secrets, information about its smartphones, smartwatches and tablets is leaked long before the official announcement. The first foldable smartphone of the company Pixel Fold, which Google itself has already managed to show in a short video was no ... Read more

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

The annual event from the search giant Google this year should be more interesting than in the past. And you can rely not only on the information from insiders but also on official company announcements. Among the novelties of this year, Google is preparing new gadgets in modern categories. But ... Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Flip5 should also significantly increase the external screen

Small external screens significantly limit the possible scenarios of their use on foldable smartphones. Motorola pays attention to this issue, continuing to increase this display on newer Razr models. But Samsung doesn’t lag behind either. Several sources have already reported that the new Samsung Galaxy Flip5 model will significantly increase ... Read more

The foldable smartphone Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will receive not the latest, but the flagship processor

Since the release of foldable smartphones from Motorola, the devices did not have the most powerful chips. But last year’s update could already offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. And it seems that this time there will be no “fresher” chip. According to the information from XDA, the “older” model ... Read more

Evan Blass showed the best renders of the new Motorola Razr 40 Ultra model

A new foldable smartphone from Motorola is on the way. The company teases the video on the Weibo social network, where you can see only the familiar shape of the device. Meanwhile, insiders already have much better images and some details about the upcoming device. On his private Twitter account ... Read more

John Prosser: The Pixel Fold should go on sale in June. The price will be on par with the Samsung Galaxy Fold4

Earlier, it was reported from several sources that Google will supplement the Pixel line with its version of a foldable smartphone called Pixel Fold. Apparently, this should happen already at Google I/O in early May, followed by the start of sales next month. As 9to5Google writes with a reference to ... Read more