The annual event from the search giant Google this year should be more interesting than in the past. And you can rely not only on the information from insiders but also on official company announcements. Among the novelties of this year, Google is preparing new gadgets in modern categories.

But that’s not all. Traditionally, the company holds Google I/O for developers. So the event also showcases the company’s plans to develop software. Well, against the background of new competition, we should definitely hear something about artificial intelligence (and chatbots, of course).

And although Google I/O 2023 is a little more than a day away, let’s summarize what exactly we can expect from this year’s presentation.

Google Pixel Fold

Rumors about a foldable smartphone from Google have been circulating on the Internet for over a year. And recently, the number of various insides has increased accordingly. And although the previously leaked renders already made it clear what kind of device is planned, the company itself added fuel to the fire and showed a short video announcement.

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

As for the specifications, there is no doubt that the gadget will be powerful and fast, have some of the best cameras, etc. But the price of the device, if we believe the insiders, will be a whopping $1799. And this is the territory of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is still the most popular in this category.

Therefore, Google should make additional efforts not to lose to the leader, or at least to give it a decent competition.

Google Pixel 7a

And the new smartphones will not be limited to this, because it is the time to update the more affordable model in the Pixel line — the Google Pixel 7a. This year, the model should receive a 6.1-inch screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a Tensor G2 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 128-gigabyte storage. The cameras will also get upgraded specs.

At the same time, the design of the “budget” model should catch up with the current flagship devices.

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

But there is also unpleasant news. Along with improved features and a fresher design, the price may also increase — from $449 to $499. Let’s see what else, in addition to updated features, Google will use to motivate buyers.

Google Pixel Tablet

Theories of the emergence of Google’s high interest in the development of gadgets are unlikely to receive confirmation at the event. But anyway, there may be more new gadgets. Another category that Google sees Pixel devices in is tablets. We learned about this a year ago. Fans of the brand are already waiting for the new gadget, and together with it, the company is also actively working on a better adaptation of Android to work on larger displays (including the screen of the new Pixel Fold).

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

The tablet is particularly interesting with a proprietary dock that can help the tablet become a home smart display. And this territory is not new for the company. Against the background of competing devices, the Pixel Tablet, which will be able to combine roles, just has to get a certain advantage.

Android 14

The new version of the Android 14 operating system has already appeared in the public beta. But so far you can find only insignificant additions. Perhaps, in order not to distract the public from the new gadgets, this year the company left only optimization improvements and small additions for Android. But still, I would like to see something more interesting.

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

Of course, the software at Google I/O will not be limited to Android. Work on Wear OS and ChromeOS does not stop, Chrome may receive some changes, Gmail, Google Maps and other services of the company will be supplemented with something.

Artificial intelligence

The situation in the AI market recently has not been in favor of Google at all. The result of the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI, which resulted in a skilled chatbot in Bing, forced Google to change its plans and strategies a lot. This led to some premature moves with the announcement of Google Bard, which did not show itself as planned. And the mood at Google did not improve over time (1, 2, 3).

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

Given the new popularity of AI services and assistants, you don’t have to look at the AI horoscope to predict that we will hear more than once about Google Bard from the stage at Google I/O 2023 and perhaps learn about the future vision of search and its interaction with user.

Nest Locator Tag

Among convenient accessories, it is difficult not to mention trackers. These are little tags that can help you find your backpack, car, cat and anything else they are attached to. These are available in Apple, Google and individual manufacturers such as Tile. Recently the mention of the Nest Locator Tag, which was also rumored about, was found in Google Fonts.

Google I/O 2023 may be too early for such a gadget, but it could be a nice bonus.

Where and when to watch the broadcast

The presentation of Google I/O 2023 will take place on May 10, 2023 at 20:00 Kyiv time.  You can learn more about the event on the special page, and set a reminder. To watch the broadcast you can go directly to YouTube: