Samsung plans to release a more affordable version of its foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone to have more opportunities to compete in the Chinese market. This was reported by the Korean edition of The Elec.

Samsung currently ranks third in China in terms of foldable smartphone sales. Honor and Huawei offer more affordable models, and both have a larger market share. According to Omdia, Honor holds 28% of the market, Huawei 26%, and Samsung 19%.

To stay in the market, the company plans to release a cheaper version in the Galaxy Fold series, as the Flip is already quite popular among young people and women.

he Galaxy Fold6, which is expected to be unveiled later this year, will reportedly be thinner than its predecessors, and one of the reasons for this is also the success of Huawei, which released a thinner folding smartphone, which caused concern among the company’s management.