Some time ago, Samsung launched a special Try Galaxy page, where iPhone users can see exactly what OneUI looks like and get a glimpse into the “Android world” through Samsung’s eyes. It may not be the best, but it is still a demonstration of a competitive product to potential buyers.

Now Try Galaxy has an interesting new trick. Previously, you could see the interface of a regular smartphone on the page, but now, by putting two iPhones side by side, you can virtually try out virtually try out the Galaxy Fold.

Apple (so far) does not produce foldable smartphones, and some of those who want to try this form factor are iPhone swappers. And with the new functionality and two iPhones at hand, a potential buyer of a Galaxy Fold may minimize the benefits of such a device.

Samsung Try Galaxy now allows you to simulate the operation of an open Galaxy Fold with two iPhones

This way, you can see how Quick Share and Samsung Health work, and you can see the benefits of multi-touch with split display and even FlexCam.

Samsung also shared statistics showing that 7 million users from around the world have tried out Try Galaxy. So the company added 20 more languages to the page (including Russian for some reason).