A new foldable smartphone from Motorola is on the way. The company teases the video on the Weibo social network, where you can see only the familiar shape of the device. Meanwhile, insiders already have much better images and some details about the upcoming device.

On his private Twitter account Evan Blass posted some of the best renders that already more clearly demonstrate the new external 3.5-inch display of the smartphone. Along with this, you can see the available interface settings of this screen in the pictures.

Mr. Blass also clarified that the name of the gadget will change to Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and confirmed that two models are still expected. The simpler one will be called Motorola Razr 40, it will come out with simpler specifications and a much smaller external screen. Insiders also talked about it.

So, if everything comes together, then for a while the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will be a foldable smartphone of this format with the largest external screen among competitors. But such an advantage can be temporary and fleeting, because in the summer Samsung will also show the updated Galaxy Flip5, which, among other things, can also significantly increase the external display.