The foldable smartphone market is becoming increasingly saturated with options from different manufacturers. Samsung is the leader and has been in this niche for what seems like the longest time. However, this year alone, the number of competitors has increased significantly. However, this does not affect the company’s plans, so the manufacturer is going to increase sales, which for the next year are one third higher than the 2023 target.

This was reported by 9to5Google with reference to TheElec.

So, in 2024, Samsung plans to sell 20 million foldable smartphones, including the new Samsung Galaxy Fold6 model, which should be thinner than its predecessor. What other improvements can be expected from the new product is still unknown.

The company’s ambitious plans can be shaken by competitors. For example, such devices as Google Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open (which is almost identical to the new OPPO Find N3). And this is only in the US, where there is no competition from Xiaomi, Honor, and Huawei.

Samsung Galaxy Flip5 is now also set to compete with Motorola (Razr 40 Ultra and Razr 40).

According to current forecasts, Samsung will manage to sell 10 out of the 15 million foldable smartphones it plans to sell this year. This also means that to reach the goal next year, it will have to double its sales, which is not helped by competitors. And if the company doesn’t change its upgrade plans, we won’t see the next models of the manufacturer until next summer. We can only hope that they will get much more interesting improvements than a reduced thickness.