Tinder will strengthen user data verification to prevent fraud

Tinder is stepping up verification of users’ personal data amid a growing number of dating fraud cases, including those involving AI technologies, reports Bloomberg. It’s about verification, which will require people to upload a photo of their passport or driver’s license, as well as a video of themselves. A third-party ... Read more

Details of how third-party messengers work with WhatsApp have been revealed

WhatsApp Director of Development Dick Brower said that integration of third-party messengers will be optional and shared details on how it will work, writes Android Authority. Users who enable the ability to receive notifications from third-party messengers will see a separate tab where the relevant messages will be collected. According ... Read more

Tinder will warn users if they behave disrespectfully

Tinder introduces new warnings for users if they are being disrespectful and need to improve their behavior, reports TechCrunch. Over the coming weeks, the updates will be launched worldwide. They will target the main demographic of the app – users aged 18-25. According to Tinder, the warnings will fall into ... Read more

Apple faces a large fine in the EU for restricting competition in the App Store

Apple is facing a huge fine in Europe. It could reach 10% of the company’s annual revenue, so it could potentially amount to tens of billions of dollars, reports Bloomberg. It all started with Spotify’s complaint against Apple four years ago. Back then, the streaming service accused the company of ... Read more

Governments are monitoring Google and Apple users with push notifications – US Senator

Governments monitor smartphone users through push notifications in apps. This was warned by U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, according to Reuters. In his letter to the U.S. Department of Justice, he stated that foreign officials were demanding data from Google and Apple. Push notifications inform smartphone owners about incoming messages, breaking ... Read more

Google offered Epic Games $147 million to launch Fortnite in the Google Play store

Google offered Epic Games $147 million for the game developer to launch the popular shooter Fortnite in the Google Play store for Android, writes The Verge. This became known during the court case between Google and Epic. The tech giant’s offer stipulated that the developer would receive money within three ... Read more

Utah sues TikTok over addiction and harm to children

In the United States, the Utah Division of Consumer Protection (UDCP) has filed a lawsuit against TikTok, accusing the app of being “addictive” and harmful to children, writes The Verge. According to Utah Governor Spencer Cox, TikTok “illegally encourages children to engage in addictive and unhealthy use” with features that ... Read more

WhatsApp to be made compatible with other messaging apps

WhatsApp is testing a feature that will make it compatible with other messaging apps, writes Engadget with a reference to WaBetaInfo. This conclusion can be drawn based on the changes noticed in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. It has a section called “Third-party chats”, although the page does not ... Read more

Clubhouse is back – now the app will focus on chat messages

The Clubhouse app is trying to regain popularity among users and is rethinking its concept. This was reported by The Verge. So far, the app has popularized the idea of social audio rooms. But now it intends to be more like a messaging app with new group chats. The updated ... Read more

Text formatting is now available in Google Keep – how to use it

The Google Keep note-taking app finally has the ability to format text. This will allow users to create more complex and easy-to-read notes, writes 9to5Google. Google Keep received a small but convenient set of options. For example, the app now allows users to add H1 and H2 headings to text. ... Read more

More default programs can now be uninstalled in Windows 11

Windows 11 now allows you to uninstall more default applications, writes TechRadar. This was noticed by users of the test build of the operating system number 25931. According to it, the Photos, People, and Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC) applications can be removed from Windows 11. Earlier, Microsoft allowed users to ... Read more

Setapp plans to launch App Store alternative in European Union in 2024

Setapp is planning to launch its own alternative app store in the EU. The company plans to launch a mobile app store in 2024, and in the meantime has started a waiting list for users, writes AppleInsider. The company is trying to take advantage of changes in the law that ... Read more

The sleep tracking app Pokémon Sleep is coming at the end of July

The release of a free app for tracking sleep, Pokémon Sleep, is planned for the end of July. It was announced back in 2019 after the success of Pokémon Go, writes Engadget. The app will “pair” the user with the pokemon Snorlax, who likes to take naps. Pokémon Sleep will ... Read more

Apollo will not survive Reddit’s pricing policy and will close on June 30th

The Apollo app that allows users to interact with Reddit on iOS will be shut down due to new high API prices, reports The Verge, citing app developer Christan Selig. According to him, the application will be closed on June 30. Apollo will close down on June 30th. Reddit’s recent ... Read more

The Apple Music Classical app is now available for pre-order in the App Store. Its release is expected on March 28

In 2021, Apple acquired the streaming platform Primephonic and now uses its work to launch the Apple Music Classical application. The new app will allow you to access 5 million classic recordings with their modern interpretations in high quality. Users will also receive hundreds of selected playlists and thousands of ... Read more

Microsoft Teams 2.0 will greatly improve performance. The app should be available next month

Microsoft is preparing to launch the Teams 2.0 update. The new version of the program should significantly improve performance and use of PC resources. Currently, testing has already begun in the company. Also, some of the work can be seen by users of the built-in version in Windows 11. But ... Read more

More than 5 countries are interested in the Ukrainian application Diia – Mykhailo Fedorov

As previously reported, the Ukrainian state application Diia is getting a lot of attention abroad, and Estonia even started testing mRiik based on it. And such initiatives are developing faster than one could think. In his interview with Radio Svoboda, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov told that ... Read more

Friday the 13th: Third-party Twitter clients have not received feed updates since morning

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk seems to have added new inconveniences to users. In addition to constant changes in the work of the social network and the arrangement of various elements in the “native” client, starting this morning, third-party applications stopped receiving feed updates. Personally, I use Tweetbot ... Read more

Updates to Apple’s operating systems come with a new Freeform app

Traditionally for Apple, another Tuesday evening brought updates of operating systems for all current devices of the company. Among other things, a new application appeared on iPhone, iPad and Mac — Freeform. Apple does not often add new applications to the standard list of existing ones. This time, however, such ... Read more

15% of Ukrainian drivers involuntarily spy for the aggressor country using Russian mobile navigators

The Russian government receives online information about the situation on Ukrainian roads, the passage of military equipment and even entrances and exits to any house, using information collected and transmitted by thousands of our drivers, reports InformNapalm, referring to the research data of the Public Union Association of Responsible Carriers. ... Read more