WhatsApp is testing a feature that will make it compatible with other messaging apps, writes Engadget with a reference to WaBetaInfo.

This conclusion can be drawn based on the changes noticed in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. It has a section called “Third-party chats”, although the page does not contain anything yet.

However, the presence of the section itself may indicate that WhatsApp is preparing such a feature in order to comply with the requirements of the European Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Recently, the European Commission categorized WhatsApp as a “gatekeeper” under new legislation. So now the service must meet certain criteria. One of them prohibits gatekeepers from favoring their own services.

This means that from March 2024, Meta should ensure that WhatsApp is compatible with other third-party messaging apps. There is no information yet on what features will be available in cross-messaging. However, end-to-end encryption should remain.