As previously reported, the Ukrainian state application Diia is getting a lot of attention abroad, and Estonia even started testing mRiik based on it. And such initiatives are developing faster than one could think.

In his interview with Radio Svoboda, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov told that several countries are already in negotiations regarding the further introduction of such an application in their country.

“I don’t want to make this a spoiler in advance, but I will say that it is more than 5 countries. In fact, there are more countries, and we are communicating about the implementation of Diia in these countries,” said Fedorov.

He also shared that these are not only several European countries but also Asian and African countries. At the same time, Fedorov emphasized that despite such interest in Diia in other parts of the world, the team leaves the main focus on the introduction of new functions and further development of services for Ukrainians in the first place.

Separately, the question of the price of such technologies for other countries will also be raised in the interview. The minister noted that this is not just an application, but a set of solutions (Trembita, a platform for deploying registers, etc.), and the cost of each individual one can reach tens of millions of dollars. Such revenues to the budget will also depend on the speed of implementation and effectiveness.

“You can receive, for example, conditionally, a billion (hryvnias – ed.) for the first implementation, and for the second you can receive 10 billion, because not only a technological product is sold, and not only one, but also expertise and consulting. That is, now we have a lot of communication, but still, our focus is on the implementation of Diia in Ukraine,” emphasized Fedorov.