The Google Keep note-taking app finally has the ability to format text. This will allow users to create more complex and easy-to-read notes, writes 9to5Google.

Google Keep received a small but convenient set of options. For example, the app now allows users to add H1 and H2 headings to text. Users will also be able to apply bold, italics, and underlining to text.

Text formatting is now available in Google Keep – how to use it

How to format text in Google Keep:

  1. Create a new note using the “+” icon in the bottom corner;
  2. Click the “A” symbol next to the color palette;
  3. Select a title or plain text, and choose text styles;
  4. To change text, select it and choose the formatting options you want;
  5. Clear formatting by selecting the text and then clicking the Clear Formatting icon, which looks like a “T” with a crossed-out line.

The text formatting feature in Google Keep isn’t available for everyone yet. But this should change in the near future.

Google Keep was launched in 2013. Last year, it was reported that it would get a text formatting option.