Microsoft is preparing to launch the Teams 2.0 update. The new version of the program should significantly improve performance and use of PC resources.

Currently, testing has already begun in the company. Also, some of the work can be seen by users of the built-in version in Windows 11. But the wide launch of the update should happen in March.

The company has been preparing Microsoft Team 2.0 for years. The app is migrating from Electron to Microsoft’s Edge Webview2, also using React and Javascript, which will be reflected in interface improvements over the coming months. Along with this, the application will reduce the load on the CPU and reduce the use of RAM by 50%, which should have a good effect on the battery life of laptops.

So the new Teams should start faster and work better, which will be especially noticeable on older laptops. This should answer a fair amount of criticism and complaints from users.

Expect Microsoft Team 2.0 at the end of next month. In case of problems with the new version, the application will have a switch that will allow you to return to the previous version.