Let’s be honest, a year ago we envisioned the content of the Mezha.Media website in 2022 a little differently. But life, or more precisely, crazy neighbors made corrections not only in business, but also in the content plans of the editorial office. Instead of writing about information technologies, hardware, software, the Internet, games and movies, we write about weapons, the number of downed missiles and the destroyed equipment of the occupiers. Hopefully, in 2023 we will return to peaceful topics, but of course, weapons will be one of the main topics of our site forever. Well, let’s see what we wrote about, and you read during the first year of operation of the Mezha.Media website.

Top news and blogs

1. The creepy woman keeps appearing in the images, generated by artificial intelligence
2. AGR-20 APKWS – advanced precision rockets with laser guidance for Armed Forces of Ukraine
3. 155-mm M109 SpH for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: a mysterious delivery from Belgium
4. An unusual kamikaze drone struck a refinery in Russia
5. Ukraine seems to have received Su-25 aircraft. In a very unusual way
6. Baykar Bayraktar Kızılelma is a new generation Turkish combat drone a>
Baykar company demonstrated a fleet of Bayraktar Akıncı heavy UAVs, which are ready for transfer to the Turkish Armed Forces
8. Echolocation filming shows Moskva missile cruiser lying on the bottom of the Black Sea
9. Antonov cargo aircraft shortage may cause delivery delays for some space projects
10. “eSupport” now for everyone – payout of 1000 hryvnia for the vaccinated officially launched

Let’s be honest, sometimes we ourselves don’t understand why this or that news becomes mega-popular. Of course, weapons are the No. 1 topic in Ukraine in 2022. But why Creepy Woman? Well, it is especially nice to see “eSupport” in the last place – a kind of greeting from relatively peaceful times.

Most popular reviews

1. Shatterline – a Ukrainian game that managed to succeed
2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 2022 gaming laptop ( GA402) review
3. Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone review: 120 Hz, good cameras and cool battery life
4. Huawei MateView GT Review: gaming monitor with soundbar
5. ASUS Vivobook Pro 15 OLED (K3500P) review
6. Death on the Nile movie review
7. Matrix Resurrections movie review. Unsuccesful deja vu
8. Galaxy S21 FE review: why pay more?
9. Antihero of our time. Review of the Rhino movie by Oleg Sentsov
10. Review of the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home: The main thing is that the suit fits

When launching Mezha, we hoped to do quite a lot of reviews. Because you’re reading this and because we know how to do it. But… At the beginning of the year, there were simply not enough new devices, and at the end of February, in March and in the beginning of April, we all did not feel like reviews at all. Reviews and testing only slowly started to come back in late April 2022, with a bit more in the fall, but still not at the level we were hoping for. We hope that in 2023 the Russian Federation will safely fall apart and there will be more reviews on Mezha.

Most popular articles

1. North Korea Hacked Him. So He Took Down Its Internet.
2. Questions and answers about Starlink for personal use in Ukraine
3. In what order to watch Marvel movies
4. MEGOGO started broadcasting the TV series House of the Dragon with Russian, not Ukrainian, dubbing. We tried to figure out why this happened
5. How to learn programming: 15 online services
6. 5.4 million UAH for nudes: how girls and boys from Teronlyfans collect money for AFU and volunteers
7. Not only Nissan Leaf! Let’s choose a used electric car worth up to $10,000.
8. Karbovanets – the history of the first Ukrainian cryptocurrency
9. iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — how the fiercest competitors among flagship smartphones look next to each other
10. Ukrainian films of 2022: what will be shown on the big screens?

It is very gratifying that many articles during the first year of Mezha were devoted to Ukrainian topics, and we are very grateful to the authors who prepared them. But, of course, there were few articles and reviews this year.

The most popular materials in English

1. The US is deploying a second aircraft carrier strike group in Europe. The flagship of the group is the super aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)
2. The Russian ship of the Buyan-M project, damaged by the Armed Forces, was spotted on the Volga
3. 10,000 years in DNA: genetic study of Eurasians reveals their ancient history
4. Shahed 136 – a nasty enemy UAV that terrorizes Ukrainians
5. R18 octocopter from Aerorozvidka – Ukrainian drone destroying the enemy
6. Ukrposhta issues “Russian warship, go…!” postage stamps
7. Midjourney’s new AI image generator: how to start drawing with it
8. The Russian frigate Admiral Makarov is burning near Zmiinyi Island. Probably damaged by the Ukrainian Neptun missile
9. The wall city: The Line project of the city of the future was presented in Saudi Arabia
10. The M-55S tank: a deep modernization of the Soviet T-55 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The English version of Mezha appeared at the end of March 2022, but the translation of almost all in addition to purely Ukrainian materials began in April 2022. The English version is developing dynamically, it is read, and some materials are even read very well. What’s more, some respectable western sites even refer to them. To be honest, it’s unexpected and pleasant.

This was the first year of Mezha.Media’s work. Thank you for staying with us and we look forward to more exciting things to come. Stay tuned.