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With iOS 17, a locked iPhone will turn into a “smart” display

Together with the release of iPhone 14 Pro, Apple’s smartphone display only last year finally received support for the Always-On function. Now, iOS 16 has significantly improved this by supporting widgets and displaying additional information (Live Activities) on the locked screen. The company has bigger plans to expand this functionality ... Read more

iPhone 16 may return to vertical camera placement

We have not yet had time to see the iPhone 15, which is still a few months away from its presentation, but there are already more and more rumors about the next line, the iPhone 16. Yes, MacRumors, with a link to the @URedditor Twitter account, reports that simpler smartphone ... Read more

Google Pixel 7a turned out to be stronger than the more expensive Pixel 7 Pro

Usually, cheaper versions of smartphones have more flaws than flagship devices. Except for simpler specifications, they have cheaper materials and are generally more vulnerable to various types of damage. But there are also exceptions and just presented Google Pixel 7a seems to be one of them. Despite the use of ... Read more

Apple executives increasingly skeptical of Reality Pro mixed reality headset, and Apple Glasses may never see the light of day

Many technology fans are waiting for the WWDC 2023 conference, with the opening of which Apple should finally demonstrate its first mixed reality headset – Reality Pro. The company has been preparing for this for years, postponing the announcement several times, spending billions on development and involving a thousand engineers ... Read more

MKBHD tested Google’s Project Starline, an exceptional real-time 3D communication

Many different technologies are currently working to improve the way we communicate, but most of them are limited to quality updates (better cameras and microphones, AI to help process images and sound, etc.) rather than format. Virtual reality also partially tries to contribute to communication, but the features of virtual ... Read more

Apple updates accesibility features in iOS. This year, iPhones and iPads will learn to copy their owner’s voice

Apple is among those who pay attention to the additional functions of their devices aimed at facilitating use for people with various disabilities. This was highlighted separately at many of the recent presentations of new products. Today, the company announced separate release about the new capabilities of the Accessibility section, ... Read more

Driver fatigue monitoring functions were found in the Tesla code

Tesla has long used cameras in the interior of its electric cars to monitor hand position and the driver’s attention to the road while using Autopilot. The autonomous control system requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and be ready to take control at any moment, and ... Read more

Apple’s new Silicon M3 processors are already at the testing stage

The nearest presentation of new products from Apple will take place at WWDC 2023 on June 5. And although computers are expected, most likely they will have chips of the M2 generation. But this does not mean that the company is not working on the next models of its own ... Read more

Most iPhone users do not change their smartphone for more than 2-3 years — CIRP

In discussions of modern smartphones, the topic of no need to update the device with the release of each new model is often raised. This is influenced by several factors (performance, cameras, batteries, etc.), which from year to year stopped showing such a significant advantage of new models that the ... Read more

ROG Zephyrus M16 2023 gaming laptop review

Among gaming laptops, you can find models that were hardly designed with frequent trips in mind. But some are better designed for travel. However, with the latest trends to increase screens, manufacturers have added additional work on small things to increase not only the size but also the comfort of ... Read more

“Tensor G2, Android innovation and AI”: the foldable smartphone Google Pixel Fold is presented

Without any surprises, the presentation of Google I/O 2023 ended with the demonstration of the first foldable smartphone from the search giant — Google Pixel Fold. Insiders have already told a lot about it, so those who were interested in thematic news were unlikely to be surprised by the official ... Read more

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

The annual event from the search giant Google this year should be more interesting than in the past. And you can rely not only on the information from insiders but also on official company announcements. Among the novelties of this year, Google is preparing new gadgets in modern categories. But ... Read more

Nearby Share between Android and Windows should work in almost all countries

A month ago Google started testing Nearby Share app for Windows. It is similar to Apple Airdrop, which allows Android smartphone users to share files with Windows computers. Back then, the beta was geographically restricted and might not be available in every country. Now information has changed on the support ... Read more

Hyundai is teasing the Ioniq 5 N electric crossover, which may appeal to fans of internal combustion engines

Yes, we are back to the topic of the sound of electric cars. This is one of the factors that fans of conventional internal combustion engines in electric cars do not like very much – the absence of the usual sounds of the mechanisms and the sensations associated with them. ... Read more

Motorola Edge 40 is presented. The smartphone will enter the Ukrainian market in the summer

Smartphones of the Motorola brand are quite exotic for the Ukrainian market. But the manufacturer still appears in local stores, and in the summer it will offer the newly presented new model Motorola Edge 40. Edge 40 is a slightly simplified version of the recently presented Edge 40 Pro model. ... Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Flip5 should also significantly increase the external screen

Small external screens significantly limit the possible scenarios of their use on foldable smartphones. Motorola pays attention to this issue, continuing to increase this display on newer Razr models. But Samsung doesn’t lag behind either. Several sources have already reported that the new Samsung Galaxy Flip5 model will significantly increase ... Read more

The foldable smartphone Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will receive not the latest, but the flagship processor

Since the release of foldable smartphones from Motorola, the devices did not have the most powerful chips. But last year’s update could already offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. And it seems that this time there will be no “fresher” chip. According to the information from XDA, the “older” model ... Read more

iPhone 14 assembled in Brazil is already reaching buyers

Despite the fact that the majority of iPhones are still assembled in China, Apple continues to move production to other countries. Previously, it was possible to see the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE models of Brazilian production. Now the newer iPhone 14 model has joined this list. As reported by ... Read more

Apple has released an update with Rapid Security Responses for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

Previously, operating systems for Apple smartphones, tablets and computers received the function Rapid Security Responses — security updates that aim to quickly fix critical issues. Such updates can be installed automatically and without a full system update. Users started receiving the first such update yesterday evening. Rapid Security Responses are ... Read more

Mercedes introduced a subscription for faster acceleration of its electric cars

Subscription services for various capabilities are becoming more common among electric car manufacturers. For example, Tesla’s autonomous driving function is subscription-based, and it’s impossible not to mention paid heated seats (BMW, by the way, this also applies). Mercedes also supports such initiatives, offering owners faster acceleration of the brand’s electric ... Read more

In the future, Apple Watch will be able to synchronize not only with iPhone, but also with iPad and Mac

Since its inception, the Apple Watch hasn’t offered the user a huge variety of devices that the watch can communicate with — just one iPhone and that’s it. According to an analyst with the appropriate Twitter nickname — analyst941 — who has previously shared accurate product insights Apple, the company ... Read more

Evan Blass showed the best renders of the new Motorola Razr 40 Ultra model

A new foldable smartphone from Motorola is on the way. The company teases the video on the Weibo social network, where you can see only the familiar shape of the device. Meanwhile, insiders already have much better images and some details about the upcoming device. On his private Twitter account ... Read more

Apple is working on an AI coach to motivate users do sports, improve eating habits and sleep

A lot of attention is paid to the topic of health in modern smartphones and “smart” gadgets. Apple is one of the first companies to emphasize this in new operating systems and the Apple Watch. And, according to insiders among the developers, we will see the company’s further steps in ... Read more

In 2022, the number of sales of refurbished iPhones increased significantly, while Samsung’s slightly decreased

In recent years, customers are increasingly turning to the option of purchasing used smartphones. At the same time, such a trend is observed almost independently of the market. Such data was obtained by research from Counterpoint Research. It is noted that such a market showed growth of 5% last year, ... Read more

Blogger MKBHD released his first sneakers with Atoms

Many bloggers and media have their own merch stores. Most often, you can find T-shirts and hoodies, notebooks, mugs, etc. there. Some in the field go even further, such as Linus Tech Tips, whose virtual store also offers screwdrivers, pet clothes and even underwear. Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, is not ... Read more