Sales of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset are just around the corner. The company is preparing its staff and store network for this event. At the same time, it is organizing private demonstrations for media representatives. 

For example, Victoria Song from The Verge, Cherlynn Lowe and Dana Wallman from Engadged, Joanna Stern from The Wall Street Journal (a post on X), YouTuber Marques Brownlee (also left a review on X), and others who had tried the headset more than once before its release shared their impressions.

And the opinions of professional reviewers are mostly similar. Despite the fact that they were dealing with test samples and not the final software, the device already has a lot to praise. Among these things are the displays, eye and hand gesture tracking, overall immersion in appropriate situations, the quality of graphics and performance, the device and the overall Apple experience. At the same time, similar things have already happened with competitive offerings, it’s just that the “concentration of quality” seems to be higher here.

“This is all familiar stuff. It’s just done well, and done with no lag whatsoever,” Victoria Song, The Verge.

However, there are also some things that raise questions. Especially given that Vision Pro has been in development for so long and the gadget costs a hefty $3 499.

The Apple Vision Pro headset impressed reviewers. However, there are still questions about the gadget

Photo: Victoria Song, The Verge

The standard problem with such helmets is not unique to Vision Pro: not everyone will be comfortable in them right away. It will be more difficult to choose the size and quickly adjust the mount for yourself than it seemed from the promotional videos. Yes, a separate app that works on a similar principle to Face ID customization can help with this. However, it is not for nothing that there are already at least two variants of clips and different sizes.

And yes, it is impossible to design the most universal mounts for everyone. Even AirPods cannot be equally comfortable for all people. The same goes for a helmet.

The Apple Vision Pro headset impressed reviewers. However, there are still questions about the gadget

Photo: Marques Brownlee, MKBHD

The same goes for the weight of the device. Even though there is no battery in the helmet itself, the body is heavy. And this feedback was not isolated. Marques Brownlee had the opportunity to test the Vision Pro three times, and each time the weight of the gadget became more and more noticeable to him (and it should be noted here that Mr. Brownlee is also a professional athlete):

Third time: Damn this thing is heavy. Also the typing experience is decent. There’s some new cool apps to check out. But wow. So heavy.

Let’s move on. Eye tracking and gesture tracking work well right now. However, it is possible that you will have to adapt to the controls. Moreover, for long-term work with a keyboard, the virtual version is not the best solution. You either need a wireless keyboard or dictate text to the Siri virtual assistant. This was obvious even at the presentation of the device, but reviewers who tested it themselves also emphasized this point.

There are also comments about spatial video. Recordings in motion can make the user feel motion sick, which can even make them feel nauseous. This happened to The Verge editor-in-chief Neelay Patel. Apple says it is working on reducing this effect. And according to observers, the best thing to do now is to keep the camera steady.

Dana Wallman from Engadget made an interesting comment. She was pleased with the quality of the recorded videos and the implementation of their playback. However, watching such recordings has also become relatively sad. There is no interaction, and the user no longer sees their loved ones nearby:

You are a ghost.

However, the very fact of being able to return to such memories in the future is really emotional and will definitely be a pleasant experience in the long run.

Reviewers also appreciated the opportunity to find themselves in virtual rooms or movie scenes. Again, we are not talking about interaction with the environment (yet). However, the overall experience, especially for fans of certain available locations (for example, the house of Tony Stark from the Marvel universe was cited), is an interesting element for free time.

The Apple Vision Pro headset impressed reviewers. However, there are still questions about the gadget

Photo: Cherlynn Low, Engadget

Finally, not everyone can understand how Vision Pro fits into everyday use. At the moment, the entertainment features look decent, and viewing the relevant content really has a tangible immersion effect. However, it is difficult to imagine full-fledged work in such a reality. And, again, the total cost of the gadget calls into question whether watching videos and other entertainment is worth $3 499.

“In the meantime, it’s harder to imagine using the Vision Pro for actual work. The Vision Pro feels much further along as a personal home theater,” Dana Wollman, Engadget.

“I know what I just saw. I’m just still trying to see where it fits in the real world,” Victoria Song, The Verge.