Samsung’s new flagship hasn’t yet gone on sale, but that didn’t stop those who wanted to test it. The appearance of such videos was, of course, expected. And this time, there are additional reasons to watch the test footage.

The first test has been published on the PBKreviews YouTube channel.

Among other improvements, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone is additionally interesting for its new Gorilla Glass Armor, which should better resist the appearance of minor scratches, as well as a new titanium frame.

The smartphone now has a flatter display. Accordingly, the chassis has received minimal changes and the degree of damage may vary. However, it’s worth remembering that any drop can still cause damage to the device, and so far this is a common problem for smartphones (and a joy for manufacturers of protective accessories).

So, in the first such video, Galaxy S24 Ultra suffers several falls on concrete from the waist up. After that, the display was additionally “wiped” with fine dust and stones.

As you can see, Gorilla Glass Armor can be damaged even in such rather basic scenarios. Although the display remained operational, its protection suffered minor “injuries.” The same attempt, but on the other hand, practically did not add any new damage to the gadget.

As for the titanium frame, it’s not a panacea either. Depending on the fall, some traces may still remain in the places of first contact with the surface. Thus, users who don’t care about protective accessories should still keep an eye on their new smartphones and not accidentally drop them.

In turn, fine dust and stones did not leave noticeable scratches on the display. Of course, longer use will better demonstrate the capabilities of Gorilla Glass Armor. But for now, we can say that it has good potential.

In any case, the first test clearly demonstrated that the device can easily withstand several falls with minimal damage and full preservation of its working condition.