Operating systems

It’s too early to write off Windows 10, the operating system will get support for Copilot AI

Microsoft is still adding new features to Windows 10, announcing the integration of Copilot, an artificial intelligence assistant that was previously exclusive to Windows 11, ArsTechnica reports. The move is aimed at bringing Copilot to a wider audience, as Windows 10 remains the most used version of Windows worldwide. The ... Read more

iOS 18 focuses on quality and generative AI – Gurman

Although iOS 17 was released not so long ago and still receives regular bug fixes, the next version, iOS 18, is well underway and is already completing the first stage of development. Apple is now paying more and more attention to operating systems, because next year they will bear a ... Read more

Microsoft discontinues support for Windows CE, a version of the OS for handheld computers

Microsoft officially discontinues support for Windows CE, the 26-year-old operating system for embedded devices and handheld computers, reports The Register. This version of the operating system was first introduced back in November 1996, and the latest version was released in 2013 under the name Compact Embedded 2013, but this year ... Read more

Windows 11 has built-in support for the RAR format

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 test build, KB5031455, which adds the previously announced built-in support for reading new archive file formats, reports TechSpot. The company used the open-source libarchive project, which added support for the following formats to the operating system: .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.zst, .tar.xz, .tgz, .tbz2, ... Read more

Windows 11 passes 400 million users mark

Windows 11 is already used by more than 400 million users worldwide, and the operating system is likely to reach half a billion users in early 2024, reports Windows Central. The system reached this number of active devices two years after its release in October 2021. For comparison, Windows 10 ... Read more

A major Windows 11 update has been released. What’s new?

Microsoft has released the Moment 4 update for Windows 11 22H2, which brings many new features and improvements. One of the biggest additions is Windows Copilot, an AI-powered digital assistant that integrates into various parts of the Windows 11 desktop. Copilot is the successor to Cortana, offering users the ability ... Read more

Microsoft announces major Windows 11 update with AI assistant Copilot

At a special event in New York, Microsoft also announced another major update to Windows 11, which will be available in the near future. The company also specifically noted that this is not 23H2, but an update of 22H2. The update contains more than 150 new features and is mainly ... Read more

Too much work: the Linux community is abandoning 6 years of kernel support. This will have consequences for Android as well

Recently, at the Open Source Summit Europe, it was announced that the period of long-term support for the Linux kernel (LTS) will be reduced, ArsTechnica reports. In 2017, the duration of LTS was increased from two years to six. However, after six years, the Linux community has found that it ... Read more

What watchOS 10 offers – the biggest operating system update for Apple Watch

Apple has released watchOS 10, an operating system update for its smartwatches that offers a new visual design for various apps, a Smart Stack feature for displaying widgets, and a number of new watch faces. It also adds advanced features for cycling and hiking, mental health tools, and even the ... Read more

Microsoft will no longer force Windows 11 users to use Edge browser in EU countries

As you know, Windows 11 ignores the system’s default browser settings when it comes to opening links in the Windows widget bar or search results. In this case, Edge is launched and the page opens in it, regardless of which browser is set as the default browser in the system. ... Read more

This year, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 should be released simultaneously

Usually, different Apple gadgets received major operating system updates at the same time. Last year, the release schedules of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 were “differed” by more than a month. The reason for this delay was the Stage Manager feature in iPadOS, which the company needed additional time to ... Read more

Windows 11 will add a Settings home page and other features

Microsoft will soon release a revamped Settings home page for Windows 11 designed to improve the user experience. The update, which is currently available to Windows Insiders in beta, introduces “interactive cards” that offer quick access to a variety of settings. The new Settings home page will feature interactive cards ... Read more

Nostalgic: Apple Vision Pro already has a Windows XP emulator

In preparation for the release of Apple Vision Pro, the company is already offering third-party developers the opportunity to test their own software, including the visionOS operating system simulator. It has already tried to run a port of Windows XP, which managed to boot the system. UTM, a developer of ... Read more

Microsoft accidentally leaked StagingTool, an internal utility for unlocking hidden Windows 11 features

Twitter user XenoPanther recently discovered that Microsoft had published (and quickly removed) the StagingTool utility. It’s an internal tool used by company employees to enable “secret” features in Windows 11 developer builds that are present in the system but not yet explicitly offered to testers. It is very similar in ... Read more

Goodbye Cortana: Microsoft ditches voice assistant in Windows 11 in favor of Bing chatbot

Microsoft has officially discontinued its Cortana voice assistant for Windows 11, marking the end of an era when the tech giant tried to create a competitor to Apple’s Siri. The latest update to Cortana in the Microsoft Store caused the app to stop working on Windows 11, a message about ... Read more

ChromeOS without Chrome: Google plans to separate the browser from the operating system

Google intends to make significant changes to its ChromeOS operating system by separating the Chrome browser from it. This separation, which is part of a project called Lacros, is expected to simplify upgrades and improve the overall functionality of the system. These changes have been in the works for over ... Read more

Windows 11 will receive significant improvements to work with screens with a high refresh rate

Microsoft continues to actively improve support for high-refresh-rate displays in its Windows 11 operating system, aiming to provide a smoother and more energy-efficient experience for users with high-refresh-rate and variable-rate (VRR) displays. The latest pre-build of Windows 11 from the Canary Channel includes two significant changes: support for multiple screens ... Read more

You can try the Windows Copilot chatbot in action in the Windows 11 test build

Microsoft’s intention to add the Windows Copilot chatbot to Windows 11 also became known in May – according to the company’s plan, artificial intelligence should become a personal user assistant that can perform various tasks: for example, launch a certain program, change settings, or even turn on the desired playlist ... Read more

Microsoft aims to move Windows completely to the cloud

Microsoft has been gradually moving Windows to the cloud for commercial use through Windows 365, and now the tech giant plans to extend that strategy to consumers. An internal Microsoft presentation from June 2022 reveals the company’s intention to use Windows 365 “to enable a full Windows operating system streamed ... Read more

Google updates the Android logo: now in 3D

9to5Google has drawn attention to the fact that the Google company still began to update the Android logo, which it showed in the distant (by the standards of the technology world) year 2019. For a long time, the “green robot” was flat with different font options for the Android inscription, ... Read more

Apple has made iOS 17 beta free for registered developers

For years, access to the iOS developer beta was only available through a $99/year account. This year, however, Apple decided to change things up and expand access significantly by making the iOS 17 developer beta and other beta versions of its operating systems free to anyone who signs up for ... Read more

iOS 17 will not reach the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. But some functions of the new system will not be received by newer models either

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were expected to receive their last major operating system update last year. And announcement of iOS 17 at WWDC 2023 confirmed this — the new OS is available for models starting with the iPhone Xs. These models will have access to the biggest ... Read more

macOS Sonoma: new widgets, video conferencing, big Safari update, and gaming mode on Mac

During the WWDC 2023 conference, Apple presented macOS Sonoma, the upcoming version of its operating system for Mac computers and laptops. macOS Sonoma focuses on personalization with new interactive screensavers and redesigned widgets. Now users can place them directly on the desktop. Widgets are interactive and will allow users to ... Read more

iOS 17: new contact cards, the Journal app and just Siri

Apple has officially announced the new version of the iOS 17 operating system. The update cannot be called revolutionary, but there are still some interesting innovations. iPhone users will be able to create a custom contact card. For this, you can use photos, Memoji, and various fonts. These “posters” will ... Read more

iOS 16 is installed on 81% of iPhones, Android 13 on only 14.7% of devices

It’s no secret that thanks to Apple’s hardware and software development, it is possible to distribute new versions of the iOS operating system for the iPhone very quickly. The company’s latest statistics says that the latest iOS 16 is installed on 81% of all iPhones currently in use. And for ... Read more