Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon hinted at a major Windows update coming in mid-2024 during the company’s financial report. This was reported by The Register.

“We’re tracking to the launch of products with this chipset tied with the next version of Microsoft Windows that has a lot of the Windows AI capabilities,” Amon told investors, adding: “We’re still maintaining the same date, which is driven by Windows, which is mid-2024, getting ready for back-to-school.”

The company mentions that the release of their new chips will depend on Microsoft’s operating system and the back-to-school season, so more news and possibly official announcements can be expected in the summer.

It is not yet known for sure whether it will be Windows 12 or a major update for version 11 of the 24H2 operating system.

In October, Intel also hinted at a new version or major update of Microsoft’s operating system in 2024. At the time, Intel CFO David Zinsner said that the release of a new OS or its update would help boost the company’s sales.