Windows Insider program members already have a preview of the new lock screen, and recently Microsoft announced that the official release will take place this month: the new dynamic and interactive lock screen widgets will be available in April for all Windows 11 23H2 and Windows 10 22H2 users.

Microsoft notes that this will be a “phased rollout” that will begin with the regular monthly security update, also known as “Patch Tuesday,” scheduled for April 9. But due to its phased nature, the company warns that not all users will receive the update on that day.

Новий екран блокування у Windows 10
The new lock screen in Windows 10, with left alignment.

The widgets will add dynamic cards with various information to the lock screen: at the beginning, Microsoft promises weather information and related warnings, followed by other updates related to sports, finance, traffic, etc. It also promises a different set of cards for users in different regions of the world.

Cards will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, aligned to the left in Windows 10 and centered in Windows 11. You can customize their behavior (or completely remove them if you are not interested) in the Settings > Personalization > Lock screen > Lock screen status menu.

Microsoft to release new Windows 10 and 11 lock screen widgets in April