Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will receive an additional three years of security updates after support ends on October 14, 2025, but for a fee. This will be possible as part of the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program, which is already offered for Windows 7 and provides monthly security updates and technical support for a separate annual fee, reports Ars Technica. The cost of the program is expected to increase every year, encouraging users to upgrade to newer versions of Windows. However, Microsoft has not yet announced the price.

The ESU program is targeted at businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to provide more time to upgrade to newer versions of Windows, especially with the new system requirements of Windows 11. Not all Windows 10 computers officially support Windows 11, which increases the cost of replacing hardware during the upgrade process. The ESU program offers solutions for organizations that need more time to adapt.

For some users, the decision to keep an older operating system may be due to hardware requirements, personal preferences, or specific interface features. The ESU program can provide a grace period for such users, depending on its cost and the versions of Windows it covers. The ESU program for Windows 7 included only the Pro and Enterprise editions, not Home.

Windows 10 22H2 is the final version of Windows 10, and the operating system will not receive any additional features during the ESU program period. However, Microsoft has recently updated Windows 10 with the addition of the artificial intelligence assistant Copilot and other changes.