Mobile games

Ukrainian turn-based tactics game FightLife: Vanguard will be released on Google Play and Steam

Yevhen Bilyk from Kherson region is developing FightLife on his own: Vanguard, an interesting turn-based tactical strategy game in the spirit of Battle Brothers and Wartales set in the medieval world. The developer recently released a trailer for the game. In FightLife: Vanguard, the player has to become the leader ... Read more

New research shows that mobile games usually live only 3 years

A new study by SuperScale has shown that mobile games only live for three years. Only 17% of new projects continue to develop after this mark. Another 43% are canceled at the development stage, writes GamesIndustry. 76% of new games reach their maximum profit within the first year after release, ... Read more

Author of “Kobza” created a puzzle game “Lahoda”, new game available on iOS and Android

Ukrainian mobile game developer Sasha Kozlov, who previously created Kobza and Game of Words, has announced a new game. It is a Ukrainian puzzle game called Lahoda. The author wrote about this on Facebook. The new game is free and available at iOS and Android. “According to the app’s somewhat ... Read more

Literally word game is now available on Android and in English

Ukrainian mobile game developer Oleksandr Kozlov, who previously created Kobza and Game of Words, at the end of last year presented a new word game – “literally”. In it, you had to collect words and the player’s only opponent was time. However, only iPhone and iPad users could play, although ... Read more

20 new games have appeared on the Apple Arcade platform

Apple announced at once 20 new games that became available on the Arcade platform. This is the second biggest update to the service’s library, after the company added 30 games at once in 2021. The list of new products includes the following titles: TMNT Splintered Fate, Disney SpellStruck, WHAT THE ... Read more

Sega will acquire Rovio – the developer of Angry Birds – for 706 million euros

Japanese holding company Sega Sammy Holdings (formed by the merger of Sega and Sammy Corporation in 2004) announced plans to acquire Finnish mobile game developer Rovio Entertainment Oyj, best known for the Angry Birds franchise, for €706 million ($775 million). For the first time, information about the acquisition of Rovio ... Read more

Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox App Store on Android and iOS next year

In an interview to Financial Times head of Xbox Phil Spencer shared Microsoft’s gaming plans for the future. Thus, according to him, the company believes that the EU Digital Markets Act next year will “open” the Android and iOS ecosystem and make it possible the appearance of third-party application stores ... Read more

Gameloft unexpectedly closed studios in Hungary. Does this threaten the company’s Ukrainian studios?

The famous French developer and publisher of mobile games Gameloft, created in 1999 by one of the five co-founders of Ubisoft, Michel Guillemot, unexpectedly closed its studio in Budapest (Hungary), which employed more than 90 people. This is reported by the Hungarian publication HVG. Gameloft is “narrowing its focus” on ... Read more

Rovio may re-release the original Angry Birds game on the Play Store under a different name

Angry Birds is a cult game of the smartphone era. It became one of the first projects that reached such heights of popularity. So it’s no surprise that the news that developer Rovio is going to remove Angry Birds from the Play Store has been met with sadness by many. ... Read more

Mighty DOOM – mobile shooter announced, coming out on March 21

Bethesda presented a new game in the legendary DOOM franchise – Mighty DOOM. However, this is not a sequel to the new DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal, and not even a remaster/remake of the original parts. Mighty DOOM is a top-down mobile action shooter. Remember Alien Shooter? About the same, ... Read more

Sony buys Savage Game Studios, announces creation of PlayStation Studios Mobile Division

On Monday, August 29, Sony announced the acquisition of Savage Game Studios — a rather “young” studio, which was created in 2020 by former developers from Rovio, Wargaming, Rockstar and Next Games. Savage Game Studios is engaged in the development of mobile games – last year it was announced that ... Read more

Activision Blizzard makes more money from mobile games than from console and PC games combined

This became known from the financial report published last week Activision Blizzard‘s second quarter of this year. According to it, the share of mobile games was $831 million during this period — more than half of the combined revenue across all platforms. The console market brought the company about $376 ... Read more

Blizzard has canceled World of Warcraft mobile

It turns out that Blizzard and NetEase have been working on a mobile version of the MMO World of Warcraft. This is reported by Bloomberg. According to the resource, NetEase involved a team of more than 100 employees in the project, and the development lasted for three years. However, the ... Read more

Backbone One – PlayStation Edition: Sony’s licensed iPhone controller

Sony has introduced the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition controller, a mobile controller for iPhone users. It is essentially a licensed variation of Backbone One from the American company Backbone, specializing in the production of gaming products for Apple devices. [gallery ids=”54269,54271,54273,54275″] Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is made in ... Read more

Ubisoft announced The Division Resurgence

The stream of mobile games in famous franchises does not end – following unofficial information about mobile Destiny, a fully official announcement of The Division Resurgence has already appeared. It is a mobile shooter in the universe of games based on the works of Tom Clancy. It will be a ... Read more

Mobile Destiny is in the works, but it’s not official yet

This was reported by The Game Post. Citing their own sources, they claim that Bungie, together with the Chinese technology company NetEase, is working on an unannounced first-person mobile shooter. This is evidenced, in particular, by information on the Linkedin profile of one of the artists of the NetEase Games ... Read more

Diablo Immortal became the worst Blizzard game according to the players

In the news about the cost of upgrading a character in Diablo Immortal we mentioned that the user rating of the game on Metacritic was almost close to the previous failed project Blizzard – Warcraft III: Reforged, which was the lowest among all the company’s games. The key word is ... Read more

iOS 16 will support Nintendo Switch Pro and Joy-Con controllers

This was announced by Riley Testut, one of the developers of the “alternative” application store AltStore. He found support for new controllers in the beta version of iOS 16, which was released yesterday. According to him, the Switch Pro gamepad “works perfectly”, Joy-Con controllers are also recognized by the system ... Read more

Maximum upgrade in Diablo Immortal will cost $110,000

This conclusion was reached by the hosts of the YouTube channel Bellular News, which explored the mechanism of developing the level of characters in the new Blizzard game. Despite the company’s statements that microtransactions in Diablo Immortal will not affect basic gameplay and that the game can not improve equipment ... Read more

Apex Legends Mobile is now available for download on iOS and Android

Apex Legends Mobile – mobile version of the famous shooter in the genre of Royal Battle, after several regional beta versions has finally received a full global release. The game is now available for download at Google Play Store andApple App Store. According to the developer, Apex Legends Mobile is ... Read more

Mobile Call of Duty has been downloaded more than 650 million times

In its latest annual report, Activision Blizzard notes, among other things, that 2021 was a record year for Call of Duty Mobile: users spent “significantly more” than $1 billion on the mobile version of CoD, and the monthly number of smartphone players in 2021 was almost equal to the total ... Read more

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a new mobile game in the Warcraft universe

Blizzard has announced another mobile game, in addition to Diablo Immortal – this time in the universe of Warcraft. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a tower defense game (or, as Blizzard puts it, tower offensive) with elements of collecting heroes. The game will have various gameplay elements from World of Warcraft ... Read more

Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Mobile. Ubisoft Kyiv participates in the development

Ubisoft company announced a new game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. This time it’s a mobile game, which is called Rainbow Six Mobile. Games for iOS and Android platforms are being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, but other Ubi studios are also involved in the project, including Ubisoft Kyiv. Judging by the ... Read more