Ubisoft company announced a new game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. This time it’s a mobile game, which is called Rainbow Six Mobile. Games for iOS and Android platforms are being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, but other Ubi studios are also involved in the project, including Ubisoft Kyiv.

Judging by the trailer, this is a mobile version of the most popular game in the series – tactical team shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which has been bringing the developer good money for seven years and has proven itself in the e-sports arena. That is, there are also two teams, defenders and attackers, operators with unique abilities and so on, and victory requires the interaction of all team members and understanding of the characteristics of operators. Of course, graphics and control will be simplified and adapted to mobile platforms. But the developers promise that the game will not be a complete copy of Rainbow Six Siege, but will be developing on its own.

Rainbow Six Mobile has been under development for over three years, and now Ubisoft offers everyone to register for a closed alpha-test, which will take place soon.