A new study by SuperScale has shown that mobile games only live for three years. Only 17% of new projects continue to develop after this mark. Another 43% are canceled at the development stage, writes GamesIndustry.

76% of new games reach their maximum profit within the first year after release, 4% – in the second year. To some extent, this is due to the fact that 38% of games do not receive regular updates, and only 5% have long-term support.

Despite the fact that 83% of games do not live longer than 3 years, 78% of developers still prefer to work on new projects. At the same time, the mobile game market seems rather unstable and volatile to them, including due to constant staff and budget cuts.

“These are volatile times for the games industry,” said SuperScale CEO and founder Ivan Trancik. “Many mobile game developers are finding it hard to remain profitable in the face of challenges such as ATT, heavy competition in a mature mobile market, and macroeconomic conditions like high inflation.”

The SuperScale report, conducted by Atomik Research, is based on interviews with 500 game developers in the UK and the US.