Ukrainian mobile game developer Oleksandr Kozlov, who previously created Kobza and Game of Words, at the end of last year presented a new word game – “literally”. In it, you had to collect words and the player’s only opponent was time. However, only iPhone and iPad users could play, although the developer promised to make a version for Android.

Oleksandr Kozlov fulfilled his promise, now “literally” is available for Android users. Like the iOS version, the game is completely free and ad-free.

“It took me 5 months to learn a new programming language and release it on Android,” says the developer. This release should also be an experiment, because in 5 months “literally” was downloaded from the App Store more than 10,000 times, so Oleksandr expects that the Android version will be no less popular.

In addition, the developer published an English version of the game, predictably named “literally”, it’s also free and offered without embedded ads.