It turns out that Blizzard and NetEase have been working on a mobile version of the MMO World of Warcraft. This is reported by Bloomberg. According to the resource, NetEase involved a team of more than 100 employees in the project, and the development lasted for three years.

However, the companies were unable to agree on financial terms and ultimately closed the project. NetEase has disbanded its team, with only a few employees being offered an internal transfer – most have been let go.

The project was codenamed Neptune, it was supposed to be an MMORPG for mobiles in the world of World of Warcraft – not a direct transfer of the computer WoW to mobile screens, but rather a spinoff, the events of which would take place in a different period of time.

At the moment, it is not known how such a decision will affect their relationship. Let’s recall that the Chinese company NetEase is the publisher of World of Warcraft and some other Blizzard games in China, and it also participated in the development of Diablo Immortal, which, despite the criticism of players, still has every chance of becoming a successful project.