Yevhen Bilyk from Kherson region is developing FightLife on his own: Vanguard, an interesting turn-based tactical strategy game in the spirit of Battle Brothers and Wartales set in the medieval world. The developer recently released a trailer for the game.

In FightLife: Vanguard, the player has to become the leader of a mercenary squad and assemble his team from a variety of professional recruits. Each of them has unique skills and abilities that will help in battles. Every decision matters – during the campaign, the player is limited in the ability to replenish the team, so you need to choose tactics and strategy carefully.

FightLife: Vanguard is made in the pixel art style, and despite the fact that pixel art games have become a bit boring for players, it is very appropriate here and looks really good.

The turn-based tactics of FightLife: Vanguard is already being tested on Google Play, and if the release on mobile platforms is successful, the game will appear on Steam. The game has Ukrainian localization.

FightLife: Vanguard is Yevhen Bilyk’s second game. Earlier, he released an open-world survival role-playing game Hunt and Fight on Google Play.