This conclusion was reached by the hosts of the YouTube channel Bellular News, which explored the mechanism of developing the level of characters in the new Blizzard game.

Despite the company’s statements that microtransactions in Diablo Immortal will not affect basic gameplay and that the game can not improve equipment “for real money”, it turned out that in fact it is possible. Gems of “legendary” level in Diablo Immortal are almost impossible to get if you do not spend real money on the game.

According to Bellular News, the game’s mechanics currently give the average F2P player a chance to get one or two legendary gems of the highest level per month. But they can get a wallet at any time and buy as many gems as they want if they have enough money. And there may be problems with this, because, according to the calculations of the hosts, the maximum upgrade with the help of gems will cost the player a staggering $110,000.

Maximum upgrade in Diablo Immortal will cost $110,000

The gambling community asked Wyatt Cheng, head of Diablo Immortal development, for clarification, as he promised a few months ago that the level of equipment could not be raised for real money, to which he replied that gems were not considered “equipment”.

He even apologized for the inaccuracy of the wording, but it did not save the situation – user rating Diablo Immortal on Metacritic has already dropped to 0.8/5, so this game has every chance to overtake “WarCraft III: Reforged (currently – 0.6/5) and become the worst Blizzard game according to players.