Apex Legends Mobile – mobile version of the famous shooter in the genre of Royal Battle, after several regional beta versions has finally received a full global release. The game is now available for download at Google Play Store andApple App Store.

According to the developer, Apex Legends Mobile is a completely separate game that has nothing to do with the “big” Apex Legends, but the thing is mostly that Apex Legends Mobile does not support crossplay with PC/console games, as well as has its own progress, seasons, etc.

As for the gameplay and design, Apex Legends Mobile has a very familiar look for anyone who has ever launched the usual Apex Legends (by the way, a year ago the developer reported that there were 100 million such players). Of course, the gameplay has been adapted for control via a touch screen. The developer has even added an exclusive character Fade, “created specifically for the mobile gameplay.”

Apex Legends Mobile is now available for download on iOS and Android

In addition, Apex Legends Mobile has nine other characters from the main game. Game modes – standard Battle Royale for 60 players, “Arena” (smaller 3-on-3 rounds) and exclusive for the mobile version of the team deathmatch 6-on-6.

The first season of Apex Legends Mobile started today, May 17. The game is available on a free-to-play model with internal purchases (according to information on the game’s Google Play page, prices range from $0.99- $99.99).