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Amazon Prime Video adds ads to subscription and requires extra payment for Dolby Vision and Atmos

Amazon has confirmed that this is not a mistake – your Amazon Prime Video subscription no longer includes Dolby Vision HDR or Dolby Atmos surround sound. And this is in addition to the advertisement that Amazon placed on the service on January 29. Now that you’re paying an additional $2.99 ... Read more

Netflix has shown teasers for several series: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Umbrella Academy, and Arkane

The Netflix streaming service showed several short videos for projects that are currently in the works. One of them is Avatar: The Last Airbender based on the animated series of the early 2000s. Back in the summer, it became known that the series was scheduled to premiere in 2024. Now ... Read more

Spotify gives premium subscribers free hours of listening to audiobooks

Spotify gives Premium subscribers 15 hours of free audiobooks per month. This is reported by Engadget with reference to the company. Starting October 4, premium subscribers will have access to more than 150 thousand audiobooks at no extra charge. At the moment, it’s about Spotify users in the UK and ... Read more

NASA wants to launch its own NASA streaming platform this year

NASA has set out to improve its digital platforms. To this end, the agency is updating its and sites and the NASA app. “Our vision is to inspire humanity through a unified, world-class NASA web experience,” said Jeff Seaton, chief information officer at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. ... Read more

Netflix offers AI jobs for $900,000 a year while actors and writers continue to strike

Netflix is offering high-paying AI jobs as actors and writers continue to strike in Hollywood. This was reported by Engadget. The streaming service has announced a vacancy for a machine learning platform product manager. This position provides an annual salary of $300-900 thousand, while many actors earn about $200 a ... Read more

Netflix is launching a new feature on its mobile apps, first on iOS and in August on Android

Netflix is introducing a new feature called My Netflix in mobile applications. Its purpose is to make it easier to find what the user wants to watch, writes The Verge. In this tab, users will be able to find downloaded and watched movies. There will also be content saved in ... Read more

Amazon has shown the first trailer for the series Gen V, which will be released on September 29

Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service has released the first trailer for the series Gen V, which will be the upcoming spin-off of the popular series The Boys, writes The Verge. The focus of the series is on the lives of several students who enter the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. ... Read more

PS4 and PS5 owners can get a few months of Apple TV+ subscription for free

Sony together with Apple announced about a promotion for all owners of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles in the form of free access to the Apple TV+ streaming service. For PS4, access is offered for 3 months, for PS5 – for half a year. It is very easy to ... Read more

Netflix is testing the cancellation of an ad-free basic subscription, so far in Canada

Streaming service Netflix has announced that Canadian users will no longer have access to its cheapest ad-free streaming subscription. This is reported by Gizmodo. With the cancellation of the Basic plan, users who were used to paying $9.99 CAD per month are now forced to either switch to the $5.99 ... Read more

Wednesday became the most popular show on Netflix, Stranger Things take the second place

Wednesday became the most popular show on Netflix thanks to the new system of calculations of the streaming service. This is reported by Gizmodo. Netflix’s algorithm now takes into account the number of people watching a show. Until now, the popularity of TV series on the platform depended on how ... Read more

Spotify is finally testing an offline mix after years of working on the feature

Music streaming company Spotify is finally officially testing a playlist that automatically downloads some of the most recently played tracks. This is reported by TechCrunch. “We’ve been testing out a new feature called “Your Offline Mix” – a playlist designed for those times when you might not be online,” wrote ... Read more

Netflix released the official trailer for The Witcher season 3

The streaming service Netflix showed the official trailer for the third season of the TV series The Witcher, based on the books of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. “Chaos is coming. The Witcher Season 3 begins on June 29th,” said the official Netflix channel on YouTube. “Destiny brought them together. ... Read more

The Squid Game increased the demand of the global audience for streaming Asian series

The popularity of The Squid Game and other Korean dramas, as well as the success of films such as Minari and Everything Everywhere All At Once, have contributed to the growing demand for Asian-language films and TV series around the world. This is reported by CNBC. According to Parrot Analytics, ... Read more

Netflix boasted nearly 5 million monthly active ad-supported users

Netflix’s ad-supported streaming subscription has reached nearly 5 million monthly active users worldwide, with an average age of 34, six months after launch. This was announced during a virtual presentation by Jeremi Gorman, the president of Netflix for international advertising, writes The Hollywood Reporter. The company noted that since the ... Read more

Apple TV+ and other streaming services may be affected by the Hollywood writers’ strike

A strike by the Writers Guild of America could negatively affect film production on streaming services, including Apple TV+. This is reported by 9to5Mac. Hollywood screenwriters officially went on strike after the guild failed to reach a new deal with the studios by May 1 and the previous contract expired. ... Read more

Netflix is preparing to launch account sharing in new markets

Netflix will begin rolling out a sharing plan in the second quarter of 2023, particularly in the US, to turn password borrowers into revenue-generating subscribers, writes Variety with a reference to the company’s report. ”In Q1, we launched paid sharing in four countries and are pleased with the results. We ... Read more

Spotify was the first among its competitors to cross the 200 million subscriber mark

Like most tech companies, Spotify also has some issues. In the last quarter, the operating loss of the music service reached about $250 million, which is in line with the forecast of more than $300 million. But the company has always prioritized growth over profit. And here there are significant ... Read more

Netflix is adding a feature to transfer profile data before introducing restrictions on password sharing

Netflix is ​​launching a new feature worldwide this week that will allow users to transfer all of their personalized viewing data to a new account. Streaming advertises this feature as a way to keep your information even if you leave the original account owner. “People move. Families grow. Relationships end. ... Read more

An ad-supported Netflix subscription won’t allow you to download movies for offline viewing

Netflix’s new ad-supported subscription plan won’t let users download shows and movies to their devices for offline viewing. This is evidenced by the code found in the streaming service’s iPhone app, reports Bloomberg. Netflix has avoided introducing advertising until recently. However, the company now plans to launch a new ad-supported ... Read more

Disney streaming already has more subscribers than Netflix

Disney+ is successfully increasing the number of fans. The Walt Disney Company reported that they reached 152.1 million subscribers during the third quarter. During the quarter, 14.4 million were added to the service, which exceeded expectations by 10 million. Despite the successful growth, the company slightly lowered the forecast for ... Read more

Netflix adds a Two Thumbs Up button

Netflix has decided to add another button to the viewer’s possible reactions to the viewed content. Now the user of the service can not only hit a thumbs up if they enjoyed something and a thumbs down for a movie or series they did not enjoy, but also choose double ... Read more