Netflix is introducing a new feature called My Netflix in mobile applications. Its purpose is to make it easier to find what the user wants to watch, writes The Verge.

In this tab, users will be able to find downloaded and watched movies. There will also be content saved in My List, as well as movies that users have liked.

“Keep in mind that the more you interact with and tell Netflix what you like, such as saving more action-thrillers like Extraction 2 to My List or giving a thumbs up to every season of Bridgerton, the more you’ll see on the My Netflix tab,” the streaming service explained.

The new feature has already started rolling out on iOS, and it will be available on Android in early August.

Netflix is launching a new feature on its mobile apps, first on iOS and in August on Android

It was previously reported that after canceling the subscription plan Basic in Canada, Netflix also removed it from USA and Great Britain. The plan allowed users to watch Netflix on a single screen in 720p quality. Users who have already subscribed to this plan will be able to continue using it, but new subscribers will not be able to purchase it.